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Does Your Brand Truly Engage on Social Media?

Tiffany Winbush
Tiffany Winbush

According to  social media and digital strategist Jason Falls, engagement is “communicating well enough that the audience pays attention.” Social media is, and has always been, a two-way conversation. In order for that two-way conversation to have a chance of happening, your brand will first need to gain the attention of your customers, as well as potential customers, and then become consistently recognized by those audiences.

But how does your brand ensure that you are gaining the attention of customers and holding their attention while in the process? You’ll need to accomplish both in order to provide them with useful information, and to inform them of the benefits of your product or service.

Here are some techniques you can implement to ensure that your brand truly engages people on social media.

Listen to and Analyze Conversations

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Awareness of conversations taking place about your brand, and industry, is important. A social media listening campaign can help determine who to engage with on social media.

Say Hello

Don’t take for granted how much hello means to people. Unless you’re a major brand with a team of social media specialists, it’s probably not feasible to say hello to each and every follower or fan, but consider setting aside at least one day per week to send a social media hello.

Answer Questions

Social media has morphed into a customer service platform and customers expect brands to respond to their questions. The airline industry uses social media to its benefit by answering passenger questions, working to rebook missed flights and much more.

Provide Concrete Value

Give social media followers what they want, which is information they can benefit from. Create and share content that your customers will truly benefit from seeing.

Real-Time Marketing

While much of the content created for social media is planned in advance, participating in real-time marketing can expose brands to an audience they may not already be familiar with. But be careful, there has been a number of real-time marketing fails.

Above are only a few tips for your brand to engage with followers and fans online. Get creative to truly figure out ways to engage across social media.

Is there a form of social media engagement that’s worked best for you? Leave a comment below to share it with the Simply Measured community.

Tiffany Winbush

Tiffany Winbush

Tiffany Winbush is the Global Social Media Manager for the Mergermarket Group, which delivers corporate financial news, intelligence and analysis from around the world. In her role, Tiffany is responsible for content creation and driving social media engagement across 11 brands that fall underneath the Mergermarket Group family of products. Tiffany lives in NYC with her tech entrepreneur husband and two year-old daughter. She is passionate about empowering women and girls and volunteers regularly with the over 100 year-old public service organization Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Tweet Tiffany at @TiffanyPR or connect with Tiffany on her blog, Women Making Moves.

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