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Dynasty vs. Destiny: The World Series Comes to…Instagram?

Screenshot 2014-10-24 08.50.14As a baseball fan, the San Francisco Giants vs. the Kansas City Royals is about as exciting of a World Series match up as you could hope for.

The San Francisco Giants are chasing dynasty status, and the Kansas City Royals faced 50-1 odds of winning the Series going into the 2014 season (according to

The two teams are going full speed on social media, engaging with fans, celebrating wins, and hyping the crowd for what’s next.

This isn’t anything new. Teams have been using postseason hashtags for a few years now. This year’s are #OctoberTogether (Giants) and #TakeTheCrown (Royals). Notice that neither hashtag has the team name in it. Fan bases are getting large enough and savvy enough that it isn’t necessary to be that blatant.

The interesting shift from past years is that the conversation is happening in more places, and not exclusively during the game. Between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the San Francisco Giants have almost 4 million fans. The Royals have just over 1.1 million fans and followers across the three networks. Both teams have fan bases that are incredibly engaged, and nowhere is this more true than on Instagram.

How Instagram Plays Into The World Series

Making it to the October Classic hasn’t hurt. Over the last 15 days, the Kansas City Royals have averaged seven posts per day. This may seem excessive for a network like Instagram (most brands average 1-2 posts per day, max), but it’s working.

Screenshot 2014-10-24 11.27.45

Since October 8th, the Royals have seen a 33.5% growth rate on the network, bringing their audience size to 37.7K followers.

The Giants have seen aggressive success on the network as well.

Screenshot 2014-10-24 11.50.23

The Giants, who have also averaged seven posts per day during the last 15 days, have seen their largest growth rate on Instagram.

In addition to new fans, teams are seeing success with individual posts.

Screenshot 2014-10-24 12.22.04

In fact, the Giants are averaging higher per-post engagement on Instagram than they are on Facebook, seeing over 30K Likes and Comments per Instagram post.

An important note is that this engagement trend is true in aggregate, but the Giants top 10 posts in October are still all from Facebook.

Screenshot 2014-10-24 12.27.22

The same is true for the Royals, albeit more expected, since they average higher engagement per post overall on Facebook.

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