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Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Tailored Audiences

Twitter first announced Tailored Audiences back in December 2013. Just one month later, they released two new types of Tailored Audiences, much to the delight of advertisers. In general, Tailored Audiences give users the power to define their own groups to target via Twitter Ads.

While the Tailored Audiences feature has the potential to be a game changer for brands, the feature has flown under the radar for the past nine months, leading industry experts like Greg Lieber from SHIFT to call the product Twitter’s Most Powerful Advertising Feature (That You’re Not Using).

Types of Tailored Audiences

There are three distinct types of Tailored Audiences that can be created, leaving it up to the advertiser to select the best fit for their campaigns.

1. Website Visitors

TA_Web_image (1)

Using a tracking pixel, advertisers can create a Tailored Audience of users that have visited their website. Those users in Twitter will see a specific promoted Tweet based on their web behavior. Using traditional advertising terminology, this is essentially retargeting on Twitter.

2. CRM Audiences


Using your own CRM or database of email addresses, you can leverage Twitter to match email to Twitter handles and create a Tailored Audience. This is a great way to market to current customers or prospects. A good analogy in the world of demand generation would be lead nurturing via Twitter. In ecommerce, this can be used as a loyalty campaign

3. UserID Targeting


Each @handle on Twitter also has a numeric identifier called a user ID. With user ID targeting, advertisers can create curated lists of users tweeting about #hashtags, keywords/phrases or replying/mentioning other @handles.

Without a doubt, the future is bright for advertisers that can leverage Tailored Audiences to generate high quality engagement and conversions. If you already advertise on Twitter, we recommend you reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about how Tailored Audiences can work for you.


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