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[White Paper] Facebook Insights: 10 Metrics and Tactics That Matter

Facebook Insights Metrics and Tactics

Now that you’ve had some time to poke around the new Facebook Insights, it’s time to start thinking about how you can use these metrics to make actionable decisions about your Facebook campaigns.

“But, guys,” you say, “there are *so* many data points. I can’t possibly know which ones I should actually care about.” That’s where this white paper comes in.

In our latest white paper, we’ve come up with 10 ways to use Facebook Insights to optimize campaigns, widen your reach, boost fan engagement and drive results. We’ll also help you determine which campaigns aren’t performing so you can stop wasting resources on tactics that simply aren’t converting. With these tips, we promise you won’t even miss PTAT. Now let’s do this.

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Danie Zaika

Danie is the Senior Marketing Manager, Paid Media, at Simply Measured, where she runs social and display ads, PPC, and other online marketing programs that generate leads for the Sales team. Interests include yoga, reality TV, and parallel parking.

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