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New Facebook Insights with Ads Report: The First Truly Complete Facebook Analytics

With Facebook’s decreasing organic reach at top of mind, it’s more important now more than ever before for page owners to understand how paid media impacts their fan page’s overall performance. Our Facebook Insights with Ads data integration is the first solution to do just that!

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What we’re doing is complex, and it hasn’t been done before. Because of the intricacy and manual effort involved with stitching multiple Facebook APIs together (it takes one of our customers a day and a half each week!), most social marketers currently report on paid media separately from the rest of their fan page performance. While it’s certainly valuable to understand your paid efforts, page owners have little insight into how it impacts their holistic Facebook strategy. And as Facebook advertising becomes more and more essential to reach your own fans, it’s now crucial to understand the big picture.

With the introduction of our Facebook Insights with Ads report, you can now spend more time optimizing and executing your fan page strategy instead of pivoting in Excel.

Highlights from the report

See what performance would look like without paid media

As organic reach on Facebook continues to decline, advertising is more important than ever before to ensure fans see your content. Our report enables you to easily visualize exactly what your fan page’s performance would look like without the support of paid media so that you can make an informed decision on where to allocate your resources.

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Compare how organic and paid contribute to overall fan page health

Let your data tell a story. Scroll through color-coded visuals to understand how your paid and organic efforts each contributed to your fan page performance. Couple it with your knowledge to compare and contrast your efforts, then optimize your strategy going forward.

The “New Posts – Paid vs. Organic” chart lets you visualize how cornerstone metrics stack up over your reporting period. See the average cost for each one, then use it for benchmarking your page’s paid performance in the future.

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The Optimization section shows you post impressions, average daily reach and engagement — all in one easily-digestible view. Using knowledge of your campaign goals, you can see how paid media is used to impact your fan page performance. The “Average Number of Impressions by your Fans” view is especially valuable, as it enables you to see exactly how paid media affects how often your existing fans see your content.

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Determine when you’re talking to your fans too much

As Facebook’s organic reach continues to decline, it’s becoming even more essential to support your fan page with paid media. With that in mind, it’s still important for your community to want to see and interact with your content. So how can you tell when you’re talking too much?

The Facebook Insights with Ads report lets you see exactly what is driving negative feedback (unliking the page, hiding the post, etc.) on your fan page. You can see exactly where it peaked and how it was related to attributed impressions in our “Post Impressions and Negative Feedback” chart. Then, you can sort by Negative Interactions in the “Top Posts” table to identify the culprit.

Screenshot 2014-04-15 12.03.20

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You can also see where negative feedback falls holistically in the “Average Negative Feedback by Post” chart — on average, is it being driven by organic or paid? High negative feedback for paid content can indicate that your targeting is too broad or that you’re speaking to your fans too much.

Screenshot 2014-04-15 12.05.22

Identify your Fan Page’s most engaging content

When identifying the content that resonates the most with your fans, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. For example, of the two posts below, which do you think resonated most with your audience?

Screenshot 2014-04-15 12.06.14
Even though post one received a larger number of engagements, it was shown to a substantially higher number of people that chose not to interact. Post two was shown to fewer people, but a higher percentage of those people chose to take an action.
Sorting your fan page’s Top Posts by engagement rate enables you to normalize your content’s performance so you can see exactly what resonates most regardless of paid media support. Then you can determine which was the case with a quick glance to the Spend column.

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To learn more about about the report, contact us for a full demo of the Facebook Insights with Ads report by one of our product experts or contact your Account Manager for more information.

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