Facebook Metrics Defined: Consumptions

Facebook Metrics Defined: Consumptions Nate Smitha Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

When people think about Facebook engagement most think of Likes, Comments, and Shares. That’s because these are the primary actions we take as users, it’s what we see associated with each post, and they’re the engagement metrics most often used to assess performance.

However, Facebook Insights offers a broader measure of engagement that goes beyond Likes, Comments and Shares. It’s called Consumptions. How is it different? It includes clicks.

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What Do Consumptions Mean to You?

You might be wondering why you should care about clicks that don’t create Stories in News Feed? The answer is simple: Clicks get factored into the News Feed algorithm.

Measuring clicks on your posts gives you a more complete view of engagement, and a better idea of whether your posts will continue to appear in users’ News Feeds.

Consumptions can be an important content performance metric. Pairing Consumptions with Impressions allows you to establish a click-through rate for each post or content type, in order to measure the frequency of engagement with your content.

In addition to calculating a click-through rate, Consumers (unique people who clicked) can be paired with Reach to measure the percentage of people that actually saw and engaged with your content.

When paired with other key Facebook metrics Consumptions can be used to create extremely valuable ratios for measuring content performance.

How Consumptions are Calculated

The Consumptions metric can be found within Facebook insights at the page and post level.

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Within Facebook insights, the Consumption metric is broken down into four segments:

  • link clicks
  • photo views

  • video plays

  • other clicks

Clicks generating stories (including Likes, Comments,     and Shares) are included in “Other Clicks”.

Consumptions don’t include liking the page in the Timeline; they are limited to clicks in your posts.

Viewing how clicks on your posts are segmented can provide additional information about what types of content are engaging people on your page. It can also put the volume of other engagement actions in context with the number of stories created.

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