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Facebook Metrics Defined: Engaged Users

When it comes to your audience on Facebook, there are far more important metrics than the number of fans your page has. The Engaged Users metric is one of them; it’s a key Facebook metric that measures how many people are actively engaging with your page.

Engaged Users Definition

What Do Engaged Users Mean to You?

Measuring Engaged Users goes a step beyond your page’s fan count to tell you how many people are engaging with your page. Out of the people that you were able to Reach, these are the users that took action on your page, or with your content.

Engagement with your posts impacts your ability to reach a larger audience. If you can’t continue to engage users, they won’t continue to see your content. Those who engage on your page are your most valuable audience segment, since they are the ones consuming and sharing your content on the network.

The number of Engaged Users serves as a valuable metric for measuring content performance and the quality of your audience.

How Engaged Users are Calculated

The Engaged Users metric can be found within Facebook insights, at both the page and post level. When paired with Reach, it can indicate whether engagement is being driven by successful content strategies or increased visibility for your content (i.e. paid reach).

Engaged Users vs. Total Reach

Engaged Users aren’t just limited to your fans, they are anyone who engaged with your page. However, Engaged Users as a percentage of total Reach can still serve as an indicator for how active your audience is, and how valuable your fan growth is from month to month.

Monitoring Engaged Users as a percentage of fans over time can help you determine whether you’re growing an active audience.

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