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Facebook Metrics Defined: Engagement

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Content is king, but engagement rules. Engaging people with brand content is priority number one for social media marketers on Facebook.

Facebook isn’t a network for syndication, it’s a network built for engagement, and recent feature additions show that’s still the focus. The ability to reply to others’ comments, click on hashtags, and search the web were all designed to keep users on-site and discovering new content to engage with.

So how do you measure positive engagement with brand posts?


What Does Post Engagement Mean to You?

Engagement with your posts not only reflects your brand’s ability to capture users’ attention and create a connection with your content, but it also determines how many people see your posts.

When users engage, the actions they take appear in their timeline, making their connection with your brand visible to their friends, which contributes to awareness for your brand.

Post engagement plays an even larger role in who sees your posts, because it is a major factor in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm which determines which News Feeds your posts get displayed in and ultimately, how many users you’re able to Reach.

Engagement can also tell you about your audience. The volume of engagement your content receives can indicate the quality of your audiences, and engagement on certain types of posts can provide insight about what they’re interested in.

How Post Engagement is Calculated: 

Facebook Engagement Breakdown

There are three components that contribute to positive engagement with brand posts:

Likes: The number of times people Like your posts. Likes are an indicator of how well your content resonates with people.

Comments: The number of comments people make on your posts. Comments can provide insight into how people feel about your content, products or brand overall.

Shares: The number of times people share your content. Shares measure how much your content is amplified by those who see it.

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