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Facebook Metrics Defined: Like Sources

Each week, we break down a different Facebook metric, discussing why it’s important, how it’s calculated, and what it means for your business.

A growing audience on Facebook is a sign of a healthy community, but to understand how your audience is growing and identify effective tactics for sustaining growth, you must do more than measure new fans.

You need to determine how users are finding your page by analyzing Like Sources.

Definition v2

How Like Sources are Calculated:

Like sources can be found within Facebook Page Insights, either within the Facebook Insights Tool, or the Facebook Insights data export. The number of unique people that like your page is broken down by location.

Likes sources within the Facebook Insights Tool are broken out into five segments (likes that took place):

Facebook Insights Tool
  • On Your Page

  • Page Suggestions

  • Ads and Sponsored Stories

  • Your Posts

  • Others

Within the Facebook Insights data export, Like Sources can be segmented even further. Dozens of sources exist, however only the sources your page was liked from will appear in your data export.

Facebook provides the following description for some of the most common Like Sources in its developer Insights documentation.

Sources Description v2

 This isn’t the complete list. For example, mobile is further segmented by mobile ads and mobile page suggestions, but it gives you an idea of the granular breakout that is available via within the Facebook data export.

What Do Like Sources Mean to You?

Like Sources can help you understand how users are discovering and liking your page, and provide context for how your other digital marketing components impact fan growth.

For example, are external connects (clicks on social plugins) from your website effectively driving users to your Facebook page?  If you make changes to better integrate social plugins do you see improvement?

What percentage of new likes are driven by Facebook ads and sponsored stories? Is the third party app from your latest campaign contributing to fan growth? How many users liked your page from a mobile device?

These are questions that can be answered with data from Like Sources, that can be used to inform decisions, and measure specific tactics designed to grow your fan page.

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