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Facebook Metrics Defined: PTAT

Aggregate metrics can show important trends in behavior, but are often less useful for understanding what caused those trends to change. Facebook’s PTAT (People Talking About This) metric is an excellent example. At face value, the more people talking about your page the better.

However, when PTAT isn’t doing so well, how do you identify what isn’t working? That challenge is what has led Facebook to phase PTAT out of its recently updated Page Insights Tool. Moving forward, Facebook announced it will be doing away with PTAT and breaking it out into its individual elements.

How PTAT Is Calculated:

PTAT is a trailing seven-day Facebook metric that measures how many people are “talking” (creating stories) about your page.

Facebook PTAT

Stories are items that display in News Feed. Actions that create stories in News Feed include: Liking a page, posting on the page wall, engaging on a post, tagging or mentioning a page, page checkins, and other page interactions.

The PTAT metric has been valuable because it aggregates individual metrics to give you a big picture view of how many users are creating stories that display in others’ News Feed.

Facebook Engaged Users & New Page Likes

However breaking out the elements of PTAT – like engaged users and new page likes – can help you understand changes in PTAT, and tell you much more about how engaged your audience is and how quickly its growing.

For example, when you view the individual metrics side-by-side, you can more easily identify whether an increase in new page likes results in more engaged users.

What Do Changes To PTAT Mean For You?

Facebook’s removal of PTAT from its updated Page Insights Tool also highlights the importance of focusing on the individual elements of PTAT to better understand which specific metrics are impacting how people talk about your page.

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