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Facebook Metrics Defined: Reach

Often the first Facebook metric that marketers focus on is the number of fans a page has, but when it comes to measuring your audience, what matters most is how many people are seeing your content. That’s why, as social media marketers, we suggest that you begin your Facebook marketing analysis by focusing on Reach.

How to Calculate Facebook Reach


There are three components of ReachOrganic, Paid, and Viral Reach. Measuring each of these components is important for understanding how and why your effective audience changes over time.

Organic Reach: Represents the number of unique people who saw your content in their News Feed, ticker or on your Page.

Paid Reach: The number of unique people who saw your paid content.

Viral Reach: The number of unique people who saw your post or page mentioned from a story published by a friend. These stories can include liking, commenting or sharing on your page, answering a question or responding to an event.

Facebook Reach by Type: Organic Reach, Viral Reach, Paid Reach

Measuring Reach by type can help you determine what factors contributed to who saw your content. If Organic Reach increased, it might be the result of more fans or increased engagement with content. Changes in Viral Reach can indicate how shareable your content was, and Paid Reach can tell you whether changes in Reach were due to ads on the network.

Facebook Reach can be viewed for your page as a whole, or for individual posts. The difference is how many unique users saw an individual post vs. those who saw other pieces of content associated with your page.

What Does Reach Mean to You?

Reach measures your brand’s effective audience. It is a more accurate measure of your Facebook audience than fans, since not all of your fans see your posts, and many users who do see your posts are not fans of your page.

There are many factors that impact the Reach of your content. Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm determines which of your fans sees your content, and further downstream, which fan engagement actions are shared with the friends of your fans.

Growing the number of active and engaged fans on your page, placing emphasis on shareable content, limiting the amount of negative feedback your page receives, will help you improve your EdgeRank and expand the Reach of your content.

Reach is the primary metric for message distribution and a powerful metric performance indicator for tactics that enable your brand to connect with users on Facebook. For more metrics, definitions and insights, Like our Facebook Page, or follow @simplymeasured on Twitter.

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