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Facebook Metrics Defined: Stories

What is a Facebook Story? If you’re active on Facebook, you see them everyday and probably create your fair share.

Facebook Stories are updates from friends about their engagement with a page, person, event etc. that appear in your News Feed.

What Do Stories Mean to You?

Stories created about your brand posts build awareness for your page on Facebook. When people engage with posts on your page, a description of how they engaged appears as a message in their friends’ News Feeds.

The more people that engage with content on your page, the better the chances that one of their friends will see a Story associated with it, making Stories a valuable factor for how people discover brand pages.

Since Facebook Stories play such a significant role in how people discover content, Facebook introduced Sponsored Stories. Sponsored Stories are paid ads that highlight friends’ interactions with brands, and improve the chances that people see Stories associated with a brand page.

How Are Stories Created?

Engagement actions that create Stories include: Likes on a page, engagement on a post, posts on a page, joins of an event, tagging or mentioning a page, check ins at a location, and other page interactions.

A trended view of Stories created about brand posts can help you identify how effective brand posts are at driving awareness for your page.

Facebook Stories and Brand PostsSegmenting Stories created by user wall posts and engagement on your page, can inform you of what other actions users are taking that drive awareness for your page.

Facebook Stories About User Generated Content

For example, a high volume of Stories created about user posts could indicate a valuable influencer post, or that an engaging discussion took place.

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