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Instagram on Twitter: How Fashion Brands Blend the Two Networks

Where do fashion fans peruse the latest looks on social? Instagram, of course. They love the network so much, in fact, that in our recent research of Twitter brand-followers we found that “Instagram” is one of the most common words in  Twitter bios for followers of fashion brands H&M, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton.

Fashion brands bio keywords
Source: 1 Million Twitter Users: A Study of People Who Follow Brands

How do the brands capitalize on this connection?

Our study, “1 Million Twitter Users: A Study of People Who Follow Brands,” looked at the behavior of the most recent 100,000 followers for ten of the Interbrand 100 Global Brands. When we noticed the strong connection fashion lovers were making between Twitter and Instagram, we pulled a months worth of Twitter activity data (March 2015) on H&M, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton’s handles to study each brand’s Twitter tactics designed to bring Instagram into the Twittersphere.

Instagram on Twitter: How Fashion Brands Blend the Two Networks

As marketers, we know that a big difference between Twitter and Instagram is that Twitter allows for links to websites and, therefore, possible conversions and purchases. Instagram, on the other hand, offers more of a “window shopping” experience, where images are the focus so fans can get lost in the beauty of the brand, without buying.

How does each brand take advantage of Instagram’s popularity on their Twitter feeds? Here is what we found out.


Twitter and Instagram for H&M

H&M boasts hefty audiences on both Twitter and Instagram and it optimizes differently for each.

The brand sent 88 Tweets in March and stirred up nearly 20,000 mentions. But, for all of the buzz H&M enjoyed on Twitter, it only sparked 34 mentions of its Instagram account – a fraction of that total. Meanwhile, though, its fans on Twitter produced 2,845 mentions of H&M and Instagram in the same Tweet. Fans are making the connection between the two networks.

H&M wants to drive purchases, so the most common domain mentioned by the brand on Twitter is their website,

In fact, a look at H&M’s list of top Twitter posts by engagement does not show any mention of Instagram. The brand has some other tactics at work. For example, model Kendall Jenner is featured in two top posts, gathering up 1,289 engagements for H&M. In her place at the number one spot, Kendall is backstage in “hair and make-up” prepping to take a stroll down the catwalk. This image earned 4.6x the brand’s average engagement for the period.

Other favorite Tweets for H&M followers are “editor’s picks,” where shoes, jackets, pants, and accessories get paired together to create a completed “look.” The only connection between these top Tweets and Instagram is that “editor’s picks” pics end up in H&M’s Instagram feed, as well as Twitter. But, on Twitter, users can click to see more information on the image.

It seems that H&M lets fans surface Instagram content on Twitter, but focuses its own efforts on a special mix of images and links to get fans converting to their website  and ready to buy.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Twitter and Instagram followers

Louis Vuitton has a slightly smaller social audience on Twitter and Instagram than H&M. And, the brand keeps itself a bit quiet and mysterious on Twitter, offering only 49 Tweets in March. How do they keep in the game with so few Tweets? Their followers retweet their posts a lot. For example, the Tweets that fans  sent out in March that included a link back to earned 33,452 Retweets or mentions. Nice work, Louis fans.

Louis Vuitton knows what its fans want – a closer connection to the luxury and glamour of their brand. Its top most-engaged-with Tweet in March offered video footage from backstage at a fashion show featuring their fall line. Fans were invited to watch the video on – and maybe buy a few things. The Tweet received more than 26,000 engagements.

Regarding mixing with Instagram, Louis Vuitton does do some work here. In fact, Tweets from the brand that referenced Instagram garnered 3,858 mentions in March. Louis Vuitton ran a special promotion, connecting its Twitter audience to its Instagram presence. In the Tweet, Louis Vuitton invites fans to follow an Instagram takeover by Nicolas Ghuesquiere, their creative director.

The next two top Tweets by engagement also point Vuitton-a-wanna-bes to Instagram for time with Ghuesquiere. So, it seems that Louis Vuitton is happy to use Instagram to promote its lead designer, but saves the majority of its top Tweet engagement to send people to for some conspicuous consumption.

Who is really connecting  Louis Vuitton’s Twitter and Instagram game? Brand fans. Louis Vuitton’s Twitter followers  sparked a whopping 14,515 mentions of Tweets including both Louis Vuitton and Instagram together in March, more than three times what the brand produced.


Burberry Twitter and Instagram Followers

British brand Burberry also has an impressive following on both Twitter and Instagram. Much like H&M, none of their top performing Tweets mention Instagram. They sent out 105 Tweets in March 2015, 19% more than H&M and 114% more than Louis Vuitton. The plaid and tartan specialist mainly shares images of its fashion wear, with some nods to events or famous people.

But, of its most-engaged-with Tweets, only a portion include a link to their website and none mention a special event (like Paris Fashion Week #PFW), other networks like Instagram, or special promotion just for their followers.

That said, these photos work for Burberry, earning them 357 engagements on average.

Regarding Instagram cross promotion, Burberry did stir up 618 mentions of their Insta site in March and fans contributed 846 of their own. And, if you go to their Instagram page, where they have an impressive 3.1 million fans, you get a much greater variety of lifestyle images and event photography from shows, including backstage shots of celebrities. These are images that Louis Vuitton and H&M would more likely share on Twitter, as well.

Eclectic prints and shearling detail backstage the #Burberry A/W15 show #LFW

A photo posted by Burberry (@burberry) on

How Does Your Brand Blend Twitter and Instagram?

Which of the three brands shares a strategy similar to yours? How do you approach cross-promotion of your Instagram feed on Twitter? Let us know about your Twitter audience and their habits in the comments below.

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