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JetBlue Averages 182% More Comments with Fill In the Blank on Facebook

JetBlue Averages 182% More Comments with Fill In the Blank on Facebook Adam Schoenfeld Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

Fill In the Blank is a common content tactic that many big brands are utilizing to drive engagement (comments) with fans, on Facebook. If your brand is experimenting with this tactic, analyzing it against other content types is an effective way to measure performance and determine if FITB should be incorporated into your content strategy. Using JetBlue as an example of a successful FITB posting strategy, we’ll break down how you can test and measure it as part of your ongoing content analysis.

JetBlue Baseline

JetBlue is one brand that has effectively incorporated FITB into their content strategy. Over the past six weeks, they have included FITB in a post approximately every 7 to 10 days.

Fill In The Blank Drives _______:

We analyzed JetBlue’s Facebook content performance over the 6 week period mentioned above. From this sample, we compared JetBlue’s Fill in the Blank posts against all other types of content posted on their Facebook Fan Page. Our analysis showed the following results:

We can see that Fill in the Blank has been quite successful at driving comments for JetBlue. It should also be noted that while FITB drives likes and shares, it is not at the same level as comments. In terms of driving these other engagement types, posts with Links are the top performers for JetBlue.

What Does it Mean to You?

Fill in the Blank can be effective at driving engagement. JetBlue is a great example of a brand that is seeing positive results from incorporating this tactic into their overall strategy. However, not all audiences are going to react the same. As you experiment, content analysis and comparison amongst post types can help determine if this is a smart option for your page. You can also use this type of analysis to track the type of content your competitors post and see what is driving engagement with their audience.

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