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[Free eCourse] It’s Time for #GutCheckPlus

The most successful people I have encountered in business are those who know the pulse of their function and are in tune with what is happening in their company, among their competitors, and within their industry.

The Social Marketer’s Gut Check Guide

You know the people I’m talking about. They are very easy to identify in meetings. They know their numbers like the back of their hand, can explain the hows and whys behind the data, and easily speak to strategic and highly detailed questions.

You rarely hear these people say, “Umm…I’m not sure. I’ll have to look into it and get back to you.”

If they do have to “look into it,” they get back to you ASAP. I call these people business owners–they own their job function, channel, or department–AND know how other channels and departments affect them. They walk out of meetings like…


So how do you get there?

In order to know the pulse of your social media department, you have to constantly evaluate:

  • Your performance status
  • What your competitors are doing
  • How to push boundaries and launch effective creative campaigns
  • How to report and talk to your upper management

You don’t just need a gut check. You need a #GutCheckPlus.

Don’t worry, we are here to help: We designed a free 4-week eCourse that will walk you through each phase, with guides and action items to complete and tailor to your brand or agency. 

1. Your Performance

You’re probably not surprised here! Step 1 is always looking inward. You should know your business better than anyone else in your company. This doesn’t just mean filling out reporting numbers every week and month. It means being able to use your data to answer the “Well, why did that happen?” questions, and making optimizations where necessary. Don’t answer questions with “I think,” “I assume,” or “I’m pretty sure.” #GutCheckPlus means being able to answer these questions: 

    • Which content is performing the best on which channel?
    • Which content resonates with my audience best by channel?
    • Are my current campaigns succeeding compared to our benchmarks? Why or why not?
    • Am I on track to hit my goals? Where am I excelling? How can I make up any gaps?

Need more info? We will be covering tactics and tips in our gut check webinar series.

From Simply Measured’s Social Analytics Dashboard

2. Your Competitors

Social is unique because you can access a lot of data about your competitors and how your target audience is interacting with your competitors. You NEED to use this to your advantage.

I would never be able to get my hands on my competitors’ email click-through rates, landing page conversions, or see how my audience is engaging with their nurture programs and special offers–I wish! Completing an in-depth competitive analysis can be eye-opening and transform your plan/strategy.

Get competitive data and use it to learn what is working for your competitors and how you can differentiate yourself.

Instagram Competitive Report
From Simply Measured’s Instagram Competitive Report

3. Your Campaigns

Creativity is a challenge for all marketers. You have to continually push yourself and your boundaries. Are you stuck in a routine? How do you know which new strategies to try?

You can:

A) Brainstorm a ton of ideas and “what ifs,” try them out, and then validate with data to see if they help you hit your goals


B) Start with the data, listening to earned conversations to understand what is happening around your industry, product, or target topics on social, and come up with ideas using this data 

Cyber Monday ListeningEither option produces optimized results, and week three of our eCourse shows you how.

4. Your Boss

You need to make sure you deliver the information that is most valuable to a C-level or VP.

You should focus on trends and be able to answer high-level questions like How is this campaign or program improving?

Your boss doesn’t need to see every data point of your campaign or program. Your VP wants a quick snapshot, not a three-hour deep dive, but you need to be prepared to answer every detailed question they might come back with after consuming your overview. Present the polished snapshot, but be able to answer detailed questions about what you are presenting.

So do you want to be that THE business owner of your social program? It’s time to get started. Don’t worry: we will be there to help along the way. Sign up for the Social Marketer’s Gut Check eCourse today!

Gut Check eCourse

Sidney Waterfall

I’m the Head of Demand Generation here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our full-funnel marketing strategy that focuses on driving awareness, generating demand, and promoting customer retention. Out side of work I enjoy golfing, hiking with my dog Riggins, red wine, and watching college football!

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