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On Twitter, People Expect a Response in Under Two Hours

On Twitter, People Expect a Response in Under Two Hours Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

unnamed (3)Of the companies on the Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands list, 32% have dedicated customer service handles. Our recent study of these dedicated handles shows that these 32 accounts were mentioned more than 95K times in just one month.

Twitter is the new epicenter of digital customer service. Users flock to the network to complain about products, raise issues, and interact with support teams. As large brands take notice, they’re integrating customer service into their social strategy.

A recent report by Lithium Technologies finds that 65% of Twitter users expect a response from a brand in under two hours.

Source: LIthium Technologies

The report went on to explain that when their expectations aren’t met, 60% of users will express their dissatisfaction publicly on social media.

As a brand, what can you do to mitigate this?

In our latest guide, 7 Ways to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media, we break down the different steps that a social media or community manager can take to ensure success when dealing with customer issues, complaints, and even trolls.

From creating a process and identifying the type of feedback you’re dealing with, to involving your audience and knowing when to take a conversation offline, this guide will equip you with the tactics you need to keep your audience satisfied. And if that isn’t possible? How to let go and move on.

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