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Fully Filtered: New Instagram Video Analytics From Simply Measured

Fully Filtered: New Instagram Video Analytics From Simply Measured

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Not to be outdone by Twitter’s Vine, Instagram just announced, launched, and filtered its own video component.

Over 16 billion photos have been posted to Instagram, and Facebook’s photo sharing network saw an opportunity to grow in the same space Vine had found success.

What separates Instagram’s video functionality from Vine’s? Namely, about nine seconds. Instagram’s videos are 15-seconds long, while Vine allows you 6 seconds of video. Instagram also doesn’t loop footage. Other features include a stability system, and – of course – filters. Instagram has added a whole new list of features for your video footage.

At Simply Measured, our job is to help your brand presence grow, regardless of the networks and tools you’re using. Like we did with Vine Analytics, we’ve already added Instagram video to our comprehensive suite of social media analytics.

Instagram Analytics are not only available to our current customers, they’re available as a free report. This all-new Free Instagram Report will help you identify how your Instagram videos are being received, how they compare to your photos, and how your audience is engaging with them.

What Will Instagram Video Analytics Tell Me?


Activity Summary: The report dashboard begins with a high level look at your activity and engagement totals, calling out videos and photos separately and showing which post, filter, and location were the most successful.


Performance over time: The new Instagram Activity chart shows activity over time and how engagement trended with different posts, broken down by comments and likes, allowing users to identify key trends in their activity and user engagement.


Filters: New video filters have been added for Instagram video, and in turn, a full section showing engagement by filter has been added to our Instagram reports. This section allows you to identify which filters your audience responds to best, and cater your content to them.

The new report is available to all Simply Measured users, and a version has been added as a Free Report as well. Take yours for a spin today!

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