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Game Film: Recapping the Seahawks Social Media Strategy

Recently, Kenton Olson, Director of Digital Media and Emerging Media for the Seattle Seahawks, joined Simply Measured for a webinar called “How the Seahawks Set a Winning Social Strategy” where he explained what winning and innovation on social means to the Hawks.

Kenton Olson, Director of Digital Media & Emerging Media, Seattle Seahawks

As promised, the slide deck, full recording, and even the feed from Kenton’s AMA on Twitter are all included below.

Whether you’re looking for a place to start or seeking social tips for your own enterprise brand, you’ll  wind up with greater insight into where social action and analysis ideally converge.

Kenton walked through several key components to the Seahawks strategy, covering the three types of campaigns they run on social media, how they plan content, and how they  use social analytics to fuel their entire process.

When watching the recording, be sure to stay for the Q&A, where Kenton took questions from the audience and gave some great insight into how this best-in-class organization operates on social media. Enjoy!

Webinar Slides

Webinar Recording

Kenton’s Twitter AMA


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