[Guide] 7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Global Pages Strategy

[Guide] 7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Global Pages Strategy Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

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One of the biggest challenges with Facebook Global Pages is understanding what works in different places. If a brand runs a global campaign, and it crushes in one country, but flops in another, why was that? Did local field managers do something that I can replicate as a part of our overall global strategy?

This is where data becomes invaluable. It allows you to understand each of your local presences in context with each other, and utilize the real power of the Global Page structure: helping manage the context and messaging of each page.

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Facebook Global Pages allow companies to manage their presence in multiple locations across the world, empowering their local field marketers and creating both a consistent and flexible brand message.


In this new guide from Simply Measured, we’re identifying the different ways a company can use data from its individual Local Pages to inform its entire Global Pages strategy. Learn how to benchmark the performance of each of your Local Pages, identify why a campaign was successful, find opportunities, and much more.

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