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[Guide] Identifying and Measuring Influencers in Social Marketing with @Klout

These days, brands are striving to spread their content as quickly and vastly as possible. However, brands can’t do this on their own. The most powerful brand messages today aren’t coming from the brands themselves, but from consumers with loud voices online. These people who have the ability to reach broad audiences and drive action are called “influencers.”

In this guide, co-written by Klout, we’ll show you how to identify, engage and measure the impact of partnering with influencers, including:

  • How we define the term “influencer”
  • How to use Klout to identify influencers for your brand
  • Strategies and pro tips for working with influencers
  • How to determine if your partnerships are actually successful

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Jade Furubayashi

My name is Jade and I'm the Social Media Manager for Simply Measured. We can find common ground in Beyoncé and Chipotle burrito bowls.

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