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[GUIDE] Using Paid, Owned and Earned Media to Build Successful Social Campaigns

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As organic reach declines, social media marketers are faced with a dilemma: how do I make sure my customers are seeing my brand’s messaging? The answer lies in creating a campaign that integrates your paid, owned and earned media to drive engagement and customer acquisition.

Your campaign strategy will rely heavily on all three types of media, and should be backed with detailed data collected from each network on each type of media. You’ll need to know where you stand, what works and what doesn’t, and which obstacles you’ll need to overcome. This is no small task, so we’ve written a guide to using paid, owned and earned media (POEM) in your social campaigns.

Our guide will show you:

  • How to apply the POEM model to social media
  • Tips for using the POEM model in your social media marketing campaign
  • A look at how J. Crew has created success using the POEM model
  • Considerations to using POEM successfully

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Birdie Proske

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