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Hashtag Lessons From Clif Bar’s #MeetTheMoment Campaign

Although hashtags have become second language to many marketers, ensuring they are being used to their maximum potential can be a challenge for many.

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Hashtag Lessons From Clif Bar’s #MeetTheMoment Campaign

A hashtag is more than just combined letters or words. A hashtag can be a brand’s voice on social. Brands like Clif Bar are using hashtags the right way to drive successful marketing campaigns. Are you properly using your hashtag to increase discoverability, virality, and lead a successful social media campaign?

There are three keys to ensuring you get the most of out your hashtag:

  • Make it unique to your brand
  • Keep it simple
  • Use it everywhere

Where Marketers Miss the Mark with Hashtags

Choosing common words like #NomNom or #Foodie are not always a wise choice for a branded hashtag campaign. Why? Because these are too common and get lost in all of the noise; a marketer’s worst nightmare!

Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.20.22
#Foodie averages around 5,000 mentions per day.
Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.20.11
#NomNom averages around 1,000 mentions per day.

The hashtag #NomNom was used 15,939 times over the last two weeks of December & the hashtag #Foodie was used 70,023 over the same time period. Not the best choice for a branded hashtag.

How Clif Bar Keeps Engagement Rates Climbing

Clif Bar went the other way and chose a specific, easy to remember hashtag: #MeetTheMoment

Check out how Clif Bar is telling their brand story through the proper use of their unique interactive hashtag campaign #MeetTheMoment from 12/17-12/31.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.23.17
Over two weeks, Clif Bar’s hashtag #MeetTheMoment was used 357 times.

During this time period, #MeetTheMoment was used 357 times which resulted in 2,233,843 impressions. Not only does a unique hashtag ensure ease in tracking a campaign but it also allows a brand to interact with their consumers on a personal level and figure out where their message is resonating.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.26.09
Clif Bar’s #MeetTheMoment hashtag is mainly used in California, which is valuable insight for the company to have.

On every Clif Bar you will find an Adventure Challenge urging the consumer to go on an adventure then spread the word of their journey on social by tweeting a picture & using the hashtag #MeetTheMoment.

This calls consumers to interactively insert the hashtag into their everyday lives through commonly shared hobbies tied closely to the Clif Bar brand. For every #MeetTheMoment hashtag used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, or Vine, Clif Bar donated $1 to an environmental nonprofit.

Hashtags are a great addition to a successful social media campaign. Keeping your hashtag simple and unique to your brand will save you a headache tracking the overall success of your campaign. Now that it’s 2015 serious marketers should mimic this #MeetTheMoment campaign so consumers not only help tell the brand story of Clif Bar but live the story of Clif Bar making it a top brand to watch on social!

Kelci Marx

Kelci is the Marketing Coordinator at Simply Measured, where she strategically plans events and facilitates the sales team by driving marketing results.

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