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How Chobani’s Influencer Program Elevated Their #BreakYouMake Campaign

Over the past decade, Greek yogurt has been flying off the shelves and into our homes, hearts, and stomachs. Popular brands like Chobani are constantly looking to stay ahead of the competition through innovative products and brand strategy.

How Chobani’s Influencer Program Elevated Their #BreakYouMake Campaign

Chobani turned to social media and their influencer program to help boost sales of their latest product, Chobani Flip, using the hashtag #BreakYouMake as the center of their campaign.

In fact, 90% of #BreakYouMake’s most engaging Instagram posts in the month of June came from social influencers, not from Chobani itself.

chobani instagram
#BreakYouMake’s top Instagram posts sorted by engagement between June 1-30.

This is a great feat of strength for Chobani’s influencer program. Let’s take a look at how and why these posts were so successful.

Who Are Chobani’s Instagram Influencers?

Chobani methodically chose a wide range of individuals to expand their target market on Instagram. This wide range includes:

  • Professional surfer Anastasia Ashley
  • Model/recording artist Don Benjamin
  • TV host/comedian Nick Cannon
  • Reality TV star Tori Spelling
  • Beloved photographer Denise Bovee
  • Football player Michael Sam
  • Food blogger Ana Sandee
  • Spiritual life coach Jordan Bach

These influencers  drove the bulk of #BreakYouMake’s 4.4 million in potential reach and 4.7 million in potential impressions on Instagram.

instagram hashtag
How #BreakYouMake stacked up during the month of June.

The message here is clear: if you’re building an influencer program on Instagram (or any other social channel) for a product that can be used by many different demographics, find out what those demographics are and make sure you have an influencer who can reach each of your target audiences to cast the widest net possible.

When Did #BreakYouMake Get the Most Engagement?

Chobani designated June 3, 2015 National #BreakYouMake Day, and its influencers were especially active on this day.

As you can see, this day became #BreakYouMake’s peak day for mentions in both photo and video captions on Instagram in the month of June.

hashtag mentions
#BreakYouMake mentions during the month of June 2015.

In fact, 30% of #BreakYouMake’s most engaging posts in June were put up on June 3.

What’s worth noting here, however, is that 70% of #BreakYouMake’s most engaging posts did not. 

If your brand is embarking on an influencer program, make sure you don’t have a “one and done” mentality. Sure, June 3 looks especially successful on this chart, but follow Chobani’s lead and look for sustained momentum around a hashtag campaign.

Why Are People Getting Engaged?

Hashtags are social conversation starters! Each influencer using #BreakYouMake urged consumers to take a break from life with Chobani. The idea behind the hashtag is that Americans want, but don’t take, breaks everyday. The hope is that  when Instagram users think about taking a break, they’ll think about this hashtag and the Chobani brand.

Key Takeaways

1. Cover your demographic bases By choosing influencers that appeal to widely varied interest groups,  you’ll be able to expand your hashtag’s reach farther than it would otherwise go. Don’t limit yourself to just one pocket of Instagram users.

2. Choose a day. Choose a day to debut or renew excitement around your campaign hashtag.  Make it #_____ Day. Have your influencers go especially hard on this day. This is a good way to generate an awareness boost if you’re going through a lag period.

3.  But don’t stop thereDon’t just bank on the power of one good day. Instead, choose a group of second-tier influencers to continue posting hashtag-related content throughout the month.

4. Become a part of daily lifeChoose a hashtag that references a part of daily life for your demographic. Try to fit into your followers’ lives instead of pushing irrelevant hashtags down their throats.

How will you implement #BreakYouMake’s Instagram  appeal in your own strategy? Let me know in the comments below, and download our compete Instagram Strategy Kit to learn more.

Kelci Marx

Kelci is the Marketing Coordinator at Simply Measured, where she strategically plans events and facilitates the sales team by driving marketing results.

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