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How Do You Excel? An Interview With Analyst Vikram Nayani

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Tomorrow, Simply Measured will be publishing our brand new guide: Excel Functions Every Community Manager Should Know, which will highlight some key Excel functions and know-how from our team of expert social media analysts. We thought we’d give you a little taste before the main course, by sharing a bit about who our analysts are, what their Excel magic looks like, and why community managers should care.

Meet Vikram Nayani, one of our newest Analysts but an old hand when it comes to Excel:

Screenshot 2014-05-12 13.01.34What I did before Simply Measured

I spent the majority of my pre-Simply Measured life studying HIV, specifically in couples in Africa. It was an amazing experience. Being a part of discovering a treatment that could potentially help millions of people is one of the highlights of my life.

A day in the life:

I help create/fix the reports that our customers love so much. I love being able to solve a need for people, and help them do their jobs better.

Me + Excel =

The most powerful thing about Excel isn’t a function or trick, but its versatility. There’s no other product out there that allows you to do so much in one (relatively) easy-to-use package.

Something I’d like to change:

People sneaking nuts into cookies and brownies. This must end.

Fellow Simply Measured analyst I’d like to be stuck in an elevator with for 24 hours:

Alex Snider. His cheerful disposition would help alleviate tension, and his skinny frame won’t take up too much space, which will help with my claustrophobia.

Favorite Social Media Channel:


Favorite App:


Favorite Seattle Restaurant:


Favorite Musical Artist:

Tie between Yeezy and Beirut

Best Simply Memory:

Getting the call from Meagan, our director of recruiting, offering me the job.

Biggest Inspiration:

Being able to be around amazing people doing what they do best (whatever that is).

Most-used Excel function(s):

The tools that I use quite often are actually a collection of similar functions: LEFT, RIGHT, MID, and SEARCH.

For example:

=RIGHT(“Simply Measured is the best”, 4) returns the word “best”
=RIGHT(A1,4) returns the last four characters in the cell A1
=LEFT(“Simply Measured is the best”, 6) returns “Simply”

Here’s a visual example of how these functions work. =LEFT(I25,16) returns the first sixteen characters in the cell I25.

Screenshot 2014-05-12 12.58.02

Similarly, you can choose to isolate text or data from the middle of the cell using the MID function.

Examples of Excel MID function:

=MID(“hello”,2,3) returns “ell”
=MID(“hello”,2,100) returns “ello”

Obviously “hello” contains fewer than 100 characters. The MID function in our example
would return up to 100 characters.

To learn more from Lori and our other awesome analysts about how Excel can make your daily social media management go more smoothly, check out our guide Excel Functions Every Community Manager Should Know – it’s downloadable for free right here, right now.

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