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How Email and Social Can Win by Working Together

Email marketing is the most commonly used channel to acquire customers. 

Marketers are investing most in website and email.

You get it–email is big, and not going anywhere. So how can social and email work together to drive even bigger business wins? Below are some examples of how we do this here at Simply Measured, along with some other examples that really impressed me.

Integrated Campaigns

This is where the game changes and you can really create a campaign strategy that touches every channel. With an integrated campaign approach, every message, piece of content, email, social post, and strategy is aligned. If you have a clear campaign theme and message that your entire marketing team is driving toward, it makes it really easy for your prospect to understand the story you are telling.

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We are currently planning our next integrated campaign. Once we locked on the theme, I met with Lucy, our Senior Content Marketing Manager, who also oversees our social programs. We met several times, actually, but the point of these meetings was to figure out how we align on content that will be produced and come up with different methods to distribute it to our prospects, get it in front of them, and tell a story that is appealing to our buyer persona.

In the past, I’ve found myself saying, “Oh yeah, what about social?” or “Sure, let’s try that on social.” Now, social is always brought up in the beginning of planning conversations, and we can tie social into the areas it best supports in the campaign, like driving web visits and content downloads. One of the easiest ways to map this all out is a flow chart, which shows the full campaign flow.

Flow Chart

Regular Check-Ins

This seems like an obvious meeting you should be having, but a lot of marketers I talk to do not have regular meetings or check-ins with their social team (or person handling social).

It’s very easy to get tunnel vision and only think about the metrics and activities that are related to your job, but to have a successful marketing program you must operate as one.

This will make your life easier if you make the time for it. You will be amazed at the things you can partner on that will benefit social and email.

I would suggest setting up monthly or bi-weekly meetings with your email marketing manager.

Start with talking about what your teams are working on in the following weeks, and you’ll slowly start to see a partnership form. In the next section, I’ll give some examples of how we partner on promoting specific landing pages and webinars.

Landing Page/Content Promotion

One of the challenges in email marketing is making sure your audience actually opens the email and reads the message that you want them to.

Let’s be honest: no one has a 100% open rate.

That means you need to figure out ways to get the message or content in front of your audience. Social is a great way to do that. 

Your marketing team probably has separate content, email, and social schedules, so use them and make sure you are aligned. Then you can create a schedule that is truly tailored to your audience.

Example: Email is will go out on x date, then social will promote in on various channels for the following two weeks, and related blog post will be posted on x date.

Below is an example of us promoting our Instagram eBook on social. This links directly to the landing page to get the free eBook.

Webinar Promotion

We host a webinar once a month. Our main way to promote the webinar and drive registration is through email. I partner with Audrey, our social media intern, to help drive attendance and, more importantly, drive excitement and create a conversation during the webinar on social. You can post the registration page and drive registration to your webinar or event through social.

Remind your followers about the webinar and ask for questions beforehand so you can answer them on the webinar. This is also done via email, but again, not everyone opens all your reminder emails, so it’s good to make sure they see it on social, as well.

Tweet Us

Engaging with your webinar attendees is crucial on social. It allows you to get real-time feedback on what your audience is liking and what they are taking away from the webinar. Always incorporate Tweets with some of the slides, in case you could not attend, or to drive interest to watch the recording after the webinar.

Matrix Tweet

Use Your Email List for Social

You have probably heard about using social to promote email subscriptions. This works, but it also goes the other way. If you are running a contest on social, an easy way to reach people who may or may not already follow you is through email.

The main call to action for the email asks recipients to engage with your brand on social. I am a lover. They recently launched a weekly giveaway for people who use their hashtag and complete their workouts. They sent me the email about the content, and they always included reminders to use the hashtag via email, like this one.


They also promoted it on their website via blog posts, and included this link in their email newsletter.


They used social to announce the weekly winners and encourage users along the way.

If I wasn’t an email subscriber, I might have missed this contest, or started but forgot to keep posting using the owned hashtag. This is a great example of how email can also help keep different programs running on social.

Hopefully, you’re walking away from this post with a few ideas and tips to implement with your own team.

If you can only do one thing, I strongly suggest setting up a recurring meeting with the person in charge of your email programs.

It doesn’t have to a be stuffy: go grab a coffee and chat, or just set up a shorter meeting to get up to speed on what you all are planning. Use the people around you to help with brainstorming and sparking new ideas. Be on the lookout for how social is being used in email, and get some inspiration for your brand.

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Sidney Waterfall

I’m the Head of Demand Generation here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our full-funnel marketing strategy that focuses on driving awareness, generating demand, and promoting customer retention. Out side of work I enjoy golfing, hiking with my dog Riggins, red wine, and watching college football!

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