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How Harrods Is Using Instagram to Craft a Luxury Identity in 2015

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Harrods, the UK-based “world’s most famous department store,” has long been seen as the retailer to look to for all things luxury. But how is the brand bringing this aesthetic to its Instagram in 2015, and is its efforts on that social network bearing fruit?

The high-level view above tells us that Harrods is racking up quite a bit of engagement — almost 5 million in total engagement (comments + Likes) in 2015 so far — but let’s dive deeper to find out how the brand keeps racking up the engagement while maintaining its luxury vibe.

Highlighting Exclusive Events

By partnering with big brands like Adidas and Pharrell to enhance its own cache, Harrods generates incredible engagement. This is Harrods’ most engaging post of 2015 so far.

Worth noting: Harrods makes sure to keep posts like this one visually appealing so that they stand out in follower feeds and drive those taps.

Showing Off the Bridal Department

Harrods is using Instagram to create a total luxury experience with many different components, from sportswear to jewelry and everything in between.

The top engagement generated from Harrods’ bridal-related posts tells us that this is an aspirational category which does very well for Harrods on Instagram and which they should continue to create content around.

Fine Jewelry + Video = Engagement

This spellbinding video was Harrods’ fourth-most engaging piece of Instagram content in the year to date.

Harrods makes this post stand out by transforming what is often portrayed as a static item — a ring — into a piece full of movement and life, while also reminding Instagram followers of the high-end jewelry items they can find at Harrods.

Aligning with High Fashion

Harrods’ Instagram account is very active during fashion weeks, highlighting the cities and looks it loves during those big industry events.

By including its jet-setting in its Instagram content, Harrods maintains its status as being on top of all things high-fashion.

Crowdsourcing #HarrodsMoments

Finally, Harrods is trying hard to get its Instagram followers to post content using its #HarrodsMoments hashtag, jumping on the UGC bandwagon as so many brands are.

Regramming these pictures like Harrods does in the example above encourages greater participation from followers because it shows followers that Harrods is truly committed to regramming quality content from its audience.

Takeaways for Your Brand

1. Be exclusive. What do you have that other brands in your space don’t? Which kinds of already-existing partnerships do you have that you can create Instagram content around?

2. Go bridal. The bridal market is huge, especially for luxury brands, and especially on Instagram. Find a way to tie your brand’s content into this category.

3. Make a video. IMHO, brands are not posting videos enough. Consider this — a follower who likes your photo will simply like it and keep scrolling. A follower who comes upon your video on Instagram and watches it has spent 15 extra second with your brand.

4. Get jetsetting. Or hire influencers to do it for you. Show off the spaces and lifestyle relevant to your brand.

5. UGC FTW. I’ll never get tired of telling y’all about the value of user-generated content. Do it. Get to the chopper. This is a fantastic way to build a more meaningful relationship with your Instagram audience.

Lucy Hitz

I’m the Head of Marketing Communications here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our content program, social media marketing, PR, and comarketing ventures. I love yoga, The X-Files, peaty scotch, hiking, and poetry. If I were a social media channel, I’d want to be Instagram, but I think I’m Twitter.

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