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How I Planned My Social Media Holiday Campaign

The Starbuck’s red cups are out, the twinkly lights are up, and your grandparent’s flight just touched down…The holiday season is upon us.

2015 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers

For most people, the holidays are a lovely season of cheer! However, for many community and social media managers, the holidays are a season of stress. Planning a holiday campaign is daunting, and executing that campaign in the midst of . But don’t worry! Even if you haven’t started yet, you still have time! These are the steps we took to plan our holiday campaign at Simply Measured (which will be revealed to you shortly).

Step 1: Establish a Theme

Before you do anything, you need to establish an over-riding theme for your campaign. An integrated campaign might have many different moving pieces — digital pieces, physical pieces, etc. However, you want to make sure that everything you do ties back to your original theme.

Best Buy Holiday Post

Take Best Buy, for example. Last year, Best Buy launched their “Hinting Season” campaign, which encouraged people to share the techie gifts they wanted with the hashtag #HintingSeason. Best Buy used this data to produce content, partnered with Vine influencers, and even visited lucky #HintingSeason fans across the country.

Zach King Holiday Post

The campaign generated over 660 million impressions, amplified online sales by 13% and helped successful drive a 4.1% increase in domestic holiday revenue. It also won a Shorty Award. This just goes to show you that keeping a consistent theme throughout your entire campaign is an absolute must.

Step #2: Define the Who

You might read Step #2 and think, “Why wouldn’t I want to reach the most people possible?” Obviously getting a ton of reach is good for brand awareness, but does it really matter if these people aren’t part of your target persona?

Download our 2015 Holiday Planning Guide for More!

For example, at Simply Measured, we want to reach social media professionals, not retirees in Scottsdale. Outline your target persona — make sure your theme resonates with your target audience.

Step #3: Define the How

Now that you know who you want to reach, let’s decide how you’re going to reach them. Ask yourself these questions:

Holiday Tips

Make sure you know which channels you’re going to use to promote your campaign (social, e-mail, web, etc.), which types of content your brand will most enjoy (infographics, long-form, blog posts, etc.) and whether or not you plan to utilize any paid promotion. The holidays are a noisy time on social media, make sure you’re set up to cut through the noise.

Step #4: Delegate!

A holiday campaign is a lot to handle. Loop in your entire marketing org for ideas, feedback and help! Make sure you’re all on the same page, but don’t try to do everything by yourself.

Step #5: Track Your Progress

Keep everybody on the same page by tracking your progress. I created a giant Google Sheet to track each element of our campaign, check it out:

Campaign Plan

This not only keeps you on track, but keeps all of your stakeholders accountable! This sheet will be your best friend come deadline time.

Well folks, there you have it. You are now equipped with a 5-step process to developing a holiday campaign! So, crank yours out and then go enjoy some Thanksgiving pie.

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2015 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers


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