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How Jordan’s Followers on Twitter Skyrocketed in Just 3 Weeks

When Twitter went public in November of 2013, the network boasted 230 million monthly active users. Today, that number has grown to 313 million. More than 500 million Tweets are sent each day. The social network has become a hub for news, entertainment, and conversations. Even with the entrance of a slew of new social media platforms in the last few years, Twitter’s potential to reach its audience quickly and live at the center of current events is unsurpassed.

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We have studied a few other brands and their performances on Twitter before.

Today, we take a look at Jordan, Nike’s basketball footwear and athletic apparel line. In the data period of this study (11/1/16-12/31/16), Jordan ran their new ad campaign, Defy the Monstars, and re-released the classic Air Jordan Space Jam 11 shoes, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Space Jam film starring Michael Jordan. Let’s see how the brand performs on Twitter and how these campaigns have impacted them on Twitter.

1. With Just Three Tweets Per Day on Average, Jordan Saw Over 100k New Followers Between Nov 1st and Dec 31st, 2016screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-5-39-56-pm

In the data period, 67% of Jordan’s posts included a photo, which contributed to over 81% of the brand’s overall engagement.screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-5-13-57-pm

Photos on Twitter have always been been popular. As Twitter’s own research suggests, photos drive 35% more Retweets.

Source: Mashable
Source: Mashable

Running this type of data analysis can help brands understand which kind of content resonates with their audience, what gets shared, what gets clicked on, and what drives conversions.

2. 61% of Follower Growth Happened Between Nov 20th and December 10th, 2016screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-38-25-pm

The growth in the number of followers during this time period is generated from Jordan’s re-release of and campaign around the classic Air Jordan Space Jam 11 shoes, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Space Jam film starring Michael Jordan, and the launch of the new ad campaign, Defy the Monstars. The following Twitter ad contributed to 30% of Jordan’s overall engagement in these three weeks and was the most liked, replied-to, and retweeted tweet in the data period. Campaign-related posts generated over 32% of overall engagement.

A strong campaign on the platform has helped Jordan not only generate excitement among its followers for the new product/campaign, but it has also helped it reach a huge new audience, confirming the fact that Twitter as a platform is an incredibly powerful tool for amplifying news, promotions, and product launches related to brands.

3.Retweets, Likes, and Replies Account for 83% of Jordan’s Engagement on Twitterscreen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-53-41-pm

A high amount of active engagement shows that Jordan’s audience on Twitter is willing to engage with branded content. A high number of retweets shows that the audience endorses the brand’s content on Twitter and is willing to share it with their own followers. These breakdown of different engagement types with the audience on Twitter can provide a rich source of information to understand what your followers think about your brand.

Apart from that, these interactions with the audience can help give feedback on the ad/product and educate the audience more about the brand, which ultimately can help build loyal customers. For example, looking at responses for the most engaging tweet shown above, we can see that Jordan and Nike are already mining these conversations for customer feedback/questions and reaching back to them.


4. Co-marketing With Foot Locker

Co-marketing helps amplify the reach of a campaign. Building strategic relationships with other brands that are relevant to your own can drive exposure and help increase product awareness and brand recognition.

Jordan’s “Defy the Monstar” campaign was rolled out in conjunction with FootLocker. Jordan has not only mentioned FootLocker in their Tweets,

but also re-tweeted their promotions highlighting Jordan’s new products.

5.Concise-But-Memorable Tweet Copyscreen-shot-2017-01-18-at-5-31-00-pm

Jordan’s copy is very succinct. As we see above in their top ten Tweets, Jordan does not clutter Tweets with too much text. The brand allows accompanying media to do most of the work.

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