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How Kellogg’s Scooped Top Engagement in Q4 2014 With Twitter Photos

Twitter_Generic4_BlogIn Q4 2014,  the five Twitter images which garnered the most engagement per follower among the Interbrand 100 all belonged to @KelloggsUS.

That’s no small feat when  the likes of Cartier, Kleenex, Johnnie Walker, and Budweiser also sat in the top twenty among Interbrand 100 brands for the best curated and targeted photo content on Twitter in Q4 2014.

Here are Kellogg’s Top five photos, and a brief assessment of why each excelled.

1. Putting It in Context 

With  4,076 Retweets, 863 Replies, and 11,732 Favorites, this Tweet had a heft total sum engagement at EOQ.

This photo did so well because it incorporated an interactive element — asking its social audience to fill in the blank in the text. I think it’s safe to say that the caption here does as much work as the photo itself does.

It might be initially surprising that a photo of a bowl of cereal won the photo game for the quarter, but the total composition is what’s really winning here.

2. Asking a Question

Don’t be afraid to pair your photos with questions.

Kellogg’s does this to great effect in this post, which rests on its Froot Loops-y laurels at #2 for the quarter with 7,521 in total engagement.

Interestingly, this photo received five times more Favorites than Retweets. This tells me that people have an automatic positive response to this image and the sentiment expressed in the question. No one likes doing dishes late at night. NO ONE.

Also worth noting here is that this Tweet, like Kellogg’s #1 Tweet, ask for feedback from its audience.

One other major commonality: both photos feature Froot Loops. That’s no coincidence. Everyone loves Froot Loops. EVERYONE.

3. People Love the Product 

As Bridget Quigg’s recent post about product placement in Instagram photos noted, people like seeing photos of your physical product on social.

This clearly works for Kellogg’s. This Tweet received 2,584 in total engagement at the EOQ.

But the comments are really where we see the true level of fervor that this Tweet generated:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.19.52 AM

Twitter is clearly a great, ready-and-willing forum for Kellogg’s to debut new products with pictures.

4. Froot Loops FTW 

This is yet another example of Froot Loops’ majesty in the Kellogg’s pantheon.

We’re now at 3 out of 5 for Froot Loops driving engagement in Twitter photos.

5. Nighttime Snack

4 out of 5 of Kellogg’s photos with the most engagement per follower for Q4 2014 were related to late night snacking — a real turnaround from the typical “start your day right” messaging that many cereal brands are traditionally known for. This tactic has clearly worked for Kellogg’s, and is a cereal-eating context that many of their followers can relate to.

If you want to know more about how the top brands on Twitter saw success in Q4 2014, download our Simply Measured Q4 2014 Twitter Benchmark Report by clicking the link below.

Lucy Hitz

I’m the Head of Marketing Communications here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our content program, social media marketing, PR, and comarketing ventures. I love yoga, The X-Files, peaty scotch, hiking, and poetry. If I were a social media channel, I’d want to be Instagram, but I think I’m Twitter.

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