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How Louis Vuitton Drove 286K Instagram Engagements in Just 6 Posts

Between June 1 and June 14, luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton drove 286K engagements on Instagram — in just six posts.

louis vuitton engagement

Now, Louis Vuitton is a globally beloved brand, so they’re going to get a lot of love — but which tactics are they using to take their Instagram strategy from good to great?

Read on to find out and learn how to apply these lessons for your own brand, or watch this video for a quick 2-minute recap.

Partner with a Great Event, Influencer — or Both

Instagram is a great place for discovery, whether that means discovering your brand exists or discovering your brand has an Instagram account.

Of course, in Louis Vuitton’s case, discovery consists of either discovering or remembering that the fashion brand is active on Instagram.

Louis Vuitton used the hashtag #TonyAwards to drive eyes to their content surrounding the event — a photo of Nick Jonas wearing a Louis Vuitton suit.

By using the #TonyAwards hashtag, popular at the time, Louis Vuitton made itself more likely to be noticed using the Discover feature within the app.

Louis Vuitton also drove discovery through its influencer, Nick Jonas himself. Jonas reposted the photo, thus exposing the Louis Vuitton to all of his followers.

So here we see discovery happening in two ways: one is through hashtags and the other is through the influencer reposting content and tagging the Louis Vuitton brand.

Employee Advocacy

Nicolas Ghesquière is the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, and an icon in the fashion world.

He is also incredibly popular on Instagram, with almost 200,000 followers of his own.

nicolas louis vuitton


By encouraging your employees, especially high-profile ones, to build their own strong brands on Instagram, everyone wins.

You Don’t Need to Post All the Time

Remember that you don’t have to post all the time. Louis Vuitton posted only six times in two weeks, and drove serious engagement that also avoided alienating people by clogging up their feeds.

Louis Vuitton gained over 265,000 new followers during this time period, too, so they’re clearly doing it right.

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