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How Maybelline Used Instagram Influencers to Boost the #DareToNeon Campaign

Maybelline Malaysia joined hands with Lion & Lion, a full service digital marketing agency, for the innovative, awareness-building #DareToNeon campaign.

How Maybelline Used Instagram Influencers to Boost the #DareToNeon Campaign

Using Instagram, Maybelline sparked a “neon movement” for the launch of their new lip balm, Baby Lips Electro Pop.

Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Pop stands out from other lip balm products because of its daring and vibrant colors, so it was essential for the brand to have a campaign that mirrored these qualities.

With the  Baby Lips Electro Pop #DareToNeon campaign, we wanted to create a new trend and make a digital impact. We challenged Lion & Lion to come back with a proposal suited to create organic word-of-mouth online, and they suggested three groups of Instagram influencers to seed out a new trend. — Pink Fong, Marketing Manager, Maybelline Malaysia

Maybelline Malaysia and Lion & Lion used online “cliques” of Instagram influencers to build a successful campaign around their new product.

The Maybelline Campaign and Concept

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop lip balm

The campaign objectives were to enhance Maybelline’s growth in Malaysia and to introduce Baby Lips Electro Pop as the new must-have lip balm on the market.

Maybelline decided to use Instagram as the campaign platform, a social media platform that would be highly relevant for Maybelline’s young and visually-focused target audience.

With that, Maybelline steered a campaign using Malaysia’s Instagram influencers to create buzz within their target audience with the hashtag #DareToNeon.

The Teaser

The brand created one post per day for nine days, building a teaser grid simultaneously in the brand’s and influencers’ Instagram accounts, reaching its key demographic from two major perspectives.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.02.24 PM
Grid examples from the campaign.

The Influencers

Three cliques of Malaysian girls who have found fame via Instagram were chosen, based on their age, number of followers, and their “vibrant and bold” lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.09.57 PM
Examples of the different girl groups chosen as influencers for the #DareToNeon campaign.

These cliques garnered a total of nearly a quarter million potential reach. This support and visibility surpassed brand expectations and established Baby Lips Electro Pop as the must-have lip balm for the young and fashionable of Malaysia.

The Advocacy Contest

Maybelline’s #DareToNeon fan challenge was the main feature of the campaign. The method of posting relevant content on Instagram was intended to reward and stimulate Maybelline fan advocacy in Malaysia.

The #DareToNeon contest challenge.
The #DareToNeon contest challenge.

All three influencer groups and the Maybelline brand itself ran the contest simultaneously, with the aim to drive the #DareToNeon hashtag on the Instagram platform.

The Results

Over 700 #DareToNeon hastags were created during the campaign duration. Instagram posts with the campaign hashtag reached more than 300,000 people and received over 128,000 in total engagement.
Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.20.48 PM

The campaign helped to effectively announce to Instagram users that the product had been launched.

It was a great idea to use the Instagram grid, and Instagram influencer posting. These visuals were vibrant and engaging and we definitely got the word out there for Electro! — Pink Fong

Using Instagram as the key network was a wise choice for the #DareToNeon campaign, since it is a fertile channel for getting hashtags to go viral, which was one of the objectives of the campaign.

Using just one network to reach out to a target audience allowed the Lion & Lion team to have a clear focus for their efforts and strategies.

Instagram Hashtag Report
Simply Measured’s Instagram Hashtag Report, run during the campaign.

At the campaign’s end, messages of appreciation were sent to participants, promoting goodwill and willingness among users to engage in future campaigns.

The campaign was very engaging and interruptive with a burst of neon colors, which is perfect for the target audience. — Pink Fong

What were the most impressive parts of the #DareToNeon campaign to you? Which approach  would you consider employing for your own brand? Let us know in the comments below, and download our complete Instagram Marketing Kit for a crash course in Insta-strategy.

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