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How Minute Maid Out-Juiced Their Competitors on Twitter by 1,261%

In the month of June, juice brand Minute Maid received 1,261% more engagement than its competitors, Ocean Spray, Welch’s, and Mott’s.

minute maid twitter

Minute Maid drove an 82% share of voice during June without even holding the crown for  most followers (that goes to Welch’s). So how’d they do it?

Read on to find out and learn how to apply these lessons for your own brand, or watch this video for a speedy 2-minute recap.

Use a Twitter Party

On June 16th, @MinuteMaid_US hosted a Twitter chat using the hashtag #doingood. This Twitter chat was enriched by Minute Maid’s response to participants.

And also by Minute Maid’s inclusion of successful content from other social channels, like this YouTube video.

These efforts really panned out for Minute Maid — the juice brand received almost all its engagement for the month of June in just 24 hours.

twitter minute maid comparison

The engagement during the #doingood chat gave Minute Maid the engagement boost they needed to gain some momentum, widening the gap between Minute Maid and their competitors.

Partner with a Brand That Can Reach More People

The majority of Minute Maid’s top Tweets for the month of June came as a result of working with @Crowdtap, a people-powered marketing platform, on the #doingood Twitter party.

@Crowdtap helped Minute Maid expand their reach with their target audience. Since Minute Maid only has 4,733 followers on Twitter, this was a key ingredient for bolstering the  #doingood campaign and giving that hashtag wings.

Piggy-Back on Current Events

Minute Maid’s top Tweet in the month of June was their Father’s Day shoutout.

Get your brand involved when popular holidays and pop-culture events roll around. Run a Twitter audience analysis to determine which holidays and events your followers will be most activated by — the answers might surprise you and open your eyes to aspects of your audience’s personas that you didn’t previously recognize.

The conversation around #FathersDay was already occurring, so Minute Maid found a way to contribute to that conversation, while maintaining their messaging and branding! They were rewarded with a ton of engagement and their top Tweet of the month.

Want to Boost Your Twitter Engagement?

Check out our engagement boost cheat sheet pack. It includes more quick-and-dirty tips for sending your engagement skywards on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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