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How @MTV Asks Fans for Favorites Then Shares Them on Twitter

Curious which brand cranked out the most retweeted Tweets on Twitter last quarter? Get ready for Bieber, boy bands, and screaming fans because the winner is MTV.

Twitter Benchmarks
Q4 2014

Our data analyst Michael Thomason looked at the most retweeted Tweets from the Interbrand 100 Global Brands in Q4 2014, excluding other engagement factors like favorites and @replies. We wanted virality. When the numbers were crunched, no group retweeted like MTV fans.

Bieber, Bieber, and More Bieber

Justin Bieber has superpowers when it comes to making MTV fans retweet. His name was on the top three most retweeted Tweets on all of Twitter for our brand-only list, as well as appearing in the fourth place spot for MTV during the same time period. What did the Biebs offer throughout the quarter that was so worthy of a share?

Besides rockin’ a hip hairdo, he’s decided to make a comeback with a “great next chapter” in his music. New music from Bieber? His fans needed to share this exciting news, to the tune of 48,843 Retweets in Q4, pushing this Tweet to the number one spot.

Second, his Christmas album had MTV so charmed that they couldn’t stop listening to it. That news earned 44,665 Retweets.

In third place, Bieber was forced to share the spotlight with pop star Rihanna, as they took home the award of best dressed “dude and lady” of 2014, as voted in by MTV’s fan base. Total Retweets here were 38,240.

In general, MTV asks their fans to vote on all kinds of awards and it pays off with them serving up content about their fan’s favorite personalities, as voted on by them. In Q4 2014, that person would likely, mostly, probably be Justin Bieber.

This is a smart move that other brands could copy, even at a smaller scale.

In fourth place for MTV, and fifth on our list, the Biebs went head to head with up-and-coming divas “Fifth Harmony” for Best Worldwide Act at the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs). Once again, I’m guessing it was Bieber’s name that made this Tweet so exciting to fans, who gave it 20,875 Retweets.

EMA Voting Works Hard for MTV

As shown in the last example, a great source of buzz on Twitter for MTV last quarter was the EMAs hosted in Glasgow, Scotland on November 9. MTV fans did a lot of voting before this show and were excited to hear the results.

As a result, one band managed to cut through the noise and inspire a lot of retweeting with their name alone – no Bieber needed.

Check out Australian pop-punk group “5 Seconds of Summer,” and prepare four-part harmonies, teen-friendly lyrics, and a happy vibe. For teen girls, it seems these four guys are nearly irresistible. When they performed on Ellen, their audience was purely young women who knew every word to their hit “Good Girl.”

Referred to by some of their fans as “5 Seconds of Hot,” they helped MTV find another source of virality, with 17,980 Retweets of this post.

Falling in Love Helps Fans Retweet

In all cases of MTV’s success, it seems that they figured out what their followers loved best and kept serving it up to them. In their case, it was charming, young, male musicians. MTV knew it could win with Bieber so it kept on serving up content about him from October to December.

You may not have JB on your side, but what are some of your most lovable assets? Is your CEO a well-loved, quirky character? Have a game console, polenta dish, or other product that your fans love or admire? If you’re not sure, ask them to vote for a favorite then try featuring it more and see if that sparks fans willingness to hit the “retweet.”

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