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How Nissan Has Instagram Engagement Going Up on a #TueZday

Nissan, the top performer in the eValue index, has a social content strategy that resonates well with its audience. On Instagram, the car brand drives serious engagement from followers with its weekly #TueZday post, which highlights the personal photos of Nissan Z-cars  submitted by followers. For instance, this is the #TueZday picture that Nissan posted on Tuesday, March 10:

And this is the picture that Nissan fan/owner  put up two weeks before Nissan’s post:

Winter life #nismo #z33 #350z #fairladyz #nismoz A photo posted by Kurihara Olympus☆Rebel (@kurihara.laito) on

Look familiar? It’s Nissan’s post, just without a filter. Nissan reaches out and asks to use its fans’ posts on its own account, a phenomenal way of both showing customer appreciation and sourcing low-lift, user-generated content for its Instagram feed.

Nissan’s #TueZday hashtag has met with resounding success on Instagram. What’s most impressive is that Nissan has been able to make the hashtag its own, an increasingly unusual feat on a primarily organic reach-driven network with an increasingly hashtag-saturated climate.  Here are just a few of Nissan’s wins with the #TueZday hashtag.

Nissan Drives the Most Engaging #TueZday Posts

This chart shows the top ten most engaging posts using the #TueZday hashtag between March 1-11, 2015.
This chart shows the top ten most engaging posts using the #TueZday hashtag between March 1-11, 2015.

Between March 1-11, 90% of the most engaging Instagram posts using #TueZday were Nissan-related–both from Nissan itself and from user-generated images.

#TueZday Was Mentioned 48 Times in 11 Days

But that’s not all.  #TueZday activity  earned 23,000 in total engagement during that time period.

This Simply Measured chart shows hashtag volume for #TueZday between March 1-11.
This Simply Measured chart shows hashtag volume for #TueZday between March 1-11.

This all added up to 246,000 in potential reach and 646,000 potential impressions — nothing to snuff at, especially because most of that activity took place over just two Tuesdays:

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.57.48 PM
This Simply Measured chart shows when #TueZday use occurred between March 1-11.

The Trend Is Going Up

As you can see from the previous chart, the daily usage trend for the #TueZday hashtag is going nowhere but up.  In the month of March so far, there is a 5.2% daily trend upwards for use of the #TueZday hashtag. The continued growth of the hashtag  goes hand-in-hand with Nissan’s brand, as you can see from the popular keywords used in tandem with #TueZday.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.10.35 PM
This Simply Measured chart shows which other hashtags were used in the same posts as #TueZday between March 1-11.

How Your Brand Can Replicate #TueZday

1. Mine user-generated content for your Instagram. Connect with the folks who are already flaunting your brand and flatter them by using their content on your account.

2. Choose a hashtag that’s a commonplace word with a twist. #TueZday takes a common word, Tuesday, and puts Nissan’s twist on it by referencing Nissan’s Z-cars, their line of sports cars. It’s commonplace enough for people to remember, but connects to the brand with a flashy Z smack dab in the middle.

3. Give your hashtag a weekly cadence. It’s a smart move to choose a hashtag that somehow gets people active once a week, thus creating a pattern of brand-loving habit for your Instagram audience.

4. Rep your hashtag across all your other social channels, too. Both the Nissan umbrella brand and local dealerships rep the #TueZday hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. By saturating your fans and followers with your hashtag and remaining consistent over time, you, too, can gain ownership of your own brand hashtag on Instagram.

How has your brand seen success with hashtags on Instagram? To better equip yourself to tackle Instagram, be sure to download our full Instagram Marketing Strategy Kit below. The kit includes our most recent benchmarks and studies, the Complete Guide to Instagram Analytics, and several different blog posts that will help you understand your Instagram tactics.

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