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How Panasonic USA Boosted Twitter Engagement by 457% in One Day

TravelingMom is a family travel blog with one mission: to make the travel experience easier and more enjoyable for moms.  Panasonic USA recently partnered with the popular site in a clever campaign that gave the global tech brand an impressive engagement boost.

Panasonic USA gave each member of the popular family travel blog team over at TravelingMom one of their wearable A500 cameras during the 2015 TravelingMom Writers Network retreat at Disney World — and the influencers gave back by creating videos on the TravelingMom YouTube channel and writing a review of the camera on their blog.


@PanasonicUSA drove its Twitter boost from the #PanasonicAdventure hashtag on May 18 during the Twitter party that TravelingMom hosted.

Two lucky winners walked away from the party with an A500 themselves — this was a further incentive to join.

This chart from the Simply Measured Twitter Account Report shows how @PanasonicUSA's brand posts and engagement peaked on May 18, during the #PanasonicAdventure chat.
This chart from the Simply Measured Twitter Account Report shows how @PanasonicUSA’s brand posts and engagement peaked on May 18, during the #PanasonicAdventure chat.

In fact, 384 out of @PanasonicUSA’s 2,136 total engagements during the month of May (18%) were earned on May 18 through the Twitter party — a 475% engagement boost from @PanasonicUSA’s average daily engagement for the month of May.

@PanasonicUSA ran a wide swathe of campaigns and giveaways on Twitter during the month of May — so which elements of the #PanasonicAdventure made it so uniquely successful? Let’s take a look.

The Timing Was Right

9PM EST is a great time for a Twitter party targeted at moms to take place — after the kids have been put to bed, and right smack dab in those precious moments of spare time that mom might have to check out what’s happening on Twitter.

Support from the #TMOM Network

By activating the network of bloggers and social advocates in a conversation with one another, @travelingmoms was able to make the #PanasonicAdventure hashtag truly take flight on Twitter, and encourage participation in their community simultaneously.

This system paid off, as 50% of tweets mentioning @PanasonicUSA during the month of May used #TMOM, #PanasonicAdventure, or both hashtags together.

By using a brand-appropriate network of social advocates that already exists instead of starting from scratch and creating their own, @PanasonicUSA was able to generate awareness in the Twitter mom community, while conserving resources on their end.

Lead-Up Content

In the days and hours before the Twitter party on May 18, @travelingmoms brought the #PanasonicAdventure and #TMOM hashtags to a simmer, laying the foundation for a successful Twitter event.

This included embedded YouTube videos and lots of retweets from the @travelingmoms community, of course.

Support from @PanasonicUSA Itself

But that’s not where the support ended. @PanasonicUSA did a good job of supporting the Twitter party both by raising awareness for it…

…and also by retweeting @travelingmoms and #PanasonicAdventure-related content during the Twitter party, like it did with this tweet:

Key Takeaways

1. Invest in a Twitter party.  This doesn’t mean  your brand has to start building an influencer network out from scratch — connect with well-aligned influencers and amplify the content they put out there during the Twitter party. Sometimes all you need is to provide the product to see an engagement lift within your target community.

2. Time it well. Once you know which audience you’re trying to reach (and this audience should be specific, not catchall), do some testing  over a monthlong period to find out when this audience is online on Twitter or whichever network you’re throwing your event on.

3. Ramp up and ramp downPut the time and effort into publicizing your party beforehand and driving longevity from the Twitter party afterwards.

4. Take partDon’t expect your influencer/influencer network to do all the work for you — part of the fun for participants is having your brand engage and respond.

How will you implement Panasonic USA’s Twitter party lessons in your own strategy? Let me know in the comments below, and download our 2015 Influencer Marketing Guide to learn more about working with influencers on social.


Lucy Hitz

I’m the Head of Marketing Communications here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our content program, social media marketing, PR, and comarketing ventures. I love yoga, The X-Files, peaty scotch, hiking, and poetry. If I were a social media channel, I’d want to be Instagram, but I think I’m Twitter.

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