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How @Replies Factor into @TacoBell’s Social Strategy

Keeping an audience engaged is as integral to a successful social media strategy as growing the size of your audience. Taco Bell is an expert at keeping its finger on the pulse of its audience.

icon-stats-figuresExcluding @replies, Taco Bell averaged almost 1,300 engagements per Tweet in August, 2014.

Over two-thirds of that engagement came from follower Retweets. All totaled, the brand garnered more than 125,000 engagements on Twitter for the month.

Nick Tran, Social Media Lead at Taco Bell, was recently interviewed by and spoke about the thought process that has gone into developing Taco Bell’s social strategy over the years:

Like many brands, we dabbled early in social media and used it as mostly an announcement board for other things going on at the company. We were taking content and commercials from other channels and repurposing them for social media. Today, we create, curate, and co-create content specifically for our social channels.

Looking at the data, as well as the actual Tweets, it’s clear that Taco Bell develops content specifically for its followers.

icon-stats-figuresIn August, Taco Bell sent 428 @replies to 307 of its followers – a massive share of the 517 total Tweets sent.

As you can see from the Tweets below, getting attention from a big brand can be very exciting for a devoted fan.

Taco Bell has done an incredible job of making fans feel loved with their tongue-in-cheek style.

While @replies have a limited immediate engagement return (only 29 engagements on average) compared to brand Tweets, followers who received an @reply mentioned @TacoBell 2.7 times as often the week after being replied to as they did the week before.

icon-stats-figuresOver 95% of the @replies Taco Bell sent got at least one Retweet, @reply, or favorite.

Sending @replies also gives brands the opportunity to engage users without flooding the feeds of their entire follower base.

Another way to encourage your followers to engage más is through contests. As part of the launch of  Taco Bell’s new Dollar Cravings Menu™, the brand is promoting a chance to win a lifetime of Taco Bell. The innovative twist is that the 11 potential winners will each have to find a specific dollar bill in their city. Relying on dollar bills over more traditional contest methods is a great reminder of the promoted items’ menu price. Sadly, I’ve checked my wallet with no luck, but check and your pockets to see if you’ve got a winner.

icon-stats-figuresThe campaign hashtag, #everlastingdollars, has created more than 15 million potential impressions on Twitter since its launch.

Last month, QSR Magazine updated its annual Top 50 Quick Service Restaurant Brands. Taco Bell is ranked in the top 10 and is in the top five for most active (and most engaged-with) on Twitter.

Taco Bell has spent years developing its social strategy. This is apparent with the calculated and measured approach it takes on Twitter. To fill your Twitter toolbox with the knowledge to develop your own Twitter strategy, download our new eBook, The Complete Guide to Twitter Measurement by clicking the button below.

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Michael Thomason

Michael is Simply Measured's Marketing Analyst, focused on measuring, analyzing, and understanding the social strategy for the most successful social brands in the world.

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