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How Segmented Analysis Can Change Your Instagram Strategy

“We want to know what’s working,” said pretty much every social media marketer ever. It makes sense: when you analyze your social data, you’re able to quickly understand which content is performing best.

On the whole, that’s fantastic, but today we’re here to take social analysis one step further. We’re here to segment our data.

Segmented analysis allows you to bucket specific types of posts together and analyze them as a group.

A simple form of segmented analysis is analyzing performance by post type: video, photo, or link. Once you aggregate data for your segments, you can compare their performance and understand trends in your content. This approach is an effective way to learn which posts are driving engagement, impressions, or any other metric you’re trying to move.

Instagram Report

Here are a few different examples that can help you think about segmentation, so you can craft a social strategy that really speaks to your audience. In these examples, I focused on Instagram and created segments using Simply Measured’s segmented analysis tool. I used our reports to investigate engagement per post and its components (comments/likes), as well as the number of people tagged in comments.

Product vs. Product

One way to conduct segmented analysis is to compare how different product lines drive engagement.

Chili’s Grill and Bar

🎵 I want my baby back, baby back, baby back. 🎵

A post shared by Chili's Grill & Bar (@chilis) on


Take a look at the Chili’s Grill and Bar Instagram account and you’ll find a variety of posts featuring their food, alcoholic beverages, and, of course, desserts. My sweet tooth is strong, so I started off by creating two segments: Drinks and Desserts.

I looked at all posts that were published by Chili’s on Instagram in Q1. I compared all posts with an image of a drink with all posts including a dessert.


I’m not the only one with a sweet tooth. Instagram posts featuring desserts were a hit with Chili’s audience. All six of the posts featured the restaurant’s Molten Chocolate Cake, and their average engagement was over 50% higher than the average engagement on posts featuring drinks.

The only cake worth having on #nationalchocolatecakeday. 😋

A post shared by Chili's Grill & Bar (@chilis) on

Take a look at the lead chart on Simply Measured’s Instagram Account Report and you’ll notice that the top post featuring drinks also includes this cake.

There were over twice as many comments on the dessert posts, and these comments included many more tagged Instagram accounts.  

Instagram Account Report
Analysis of posts featuring desserts in Simply Measured’s Instagram Account Report

It’s interesting that the brand published three times more posts with drinks than desserts.

Analysis of posts featuring drinks in Simply Measured’s Instagram Account Report
Analysis of posts featuring drinks in Simply Measured’s Instagram Account Report

The Chili’s audience responds much more to that scrumptious cake.

Blog Strategy

You can use segmented analysis on Instagram to evaluate a specific tactic.



KitchenAid often posts teasers and encourages followers to go to their blog. In Q1 of 2016, 44% of KitchenAid’s posts used this approach.

I wanted to know if this was an effective strategy, so I created a segment targeting all of KitchenAid’s posts that contained the word “blog.” I compared these posts with all Instagram posts from the brand.

These were the top two Instagram posts containing a blog mention in Q1 2016.


Since Instagram posts don’t have links, it makes sense that posts that mentioned the KitchenAid blog didn’t perform as well as KitchenAid’s average posts in Q1.

top posts
These were KitchenAid’s top two Instagram posts overall in Q1 2016.

There was less engagement on blog-related posts across the board. Additionally, the two top-performing posts featuring the blog had an incentive for the audience to win. To contrast, the top two posts overall were shots of KitchenAid stand mixers. The lesson here: KitchenAid can do more with less and shouldn’t use Instagram as a driver towards its blog. 

Link in Profile Approach

Do “link in profile” posts work for your brand on Instagram? Segmented analysis is one way to find out. 



Another tactic that marketers use to move their audience to their site is putting a specific clickable link in their profile and including a call to action in their post.

I noticed that Breville used this tactic quite a bit in Q1 2016. In fact, close to 30% of their posts mentioned a link in their profile. I compared the performance of these posts to averages for all posts published during the time period.


Once again, this segment performed below average for engagement across both photos and videos.

Engagement by post type on Facebook from the Facebook Fan Page Report.

It’s interesting to note that Breville’s posts with photos also outperformed posts with links on Facebook. This suggests that even when users can click on a link right from a post, they aren’t engaging as much with posts that only contain links.

These quick case studies demonstrate how powerful segmented analysis can be for understanding what’s working for your brand on Instagram and across social.

I crafted the segments by eyeballing the tactics that I saw on the Instagram accounts I chose. With the intimate knowledge of your own social strategy, you can create segments and evaluate tactics, content, and more. Have an idea for segmenting your data? Share it in the comments.

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Linda Schwaber-Cohen

I'm the Onboarding and Education Lead here at Simply Measured, so I spend my days teaching our customers how to use Simply Measured and analyze their data! On evenings and weekends, I can be found walking my three dogs and exploring the lattes of Seattle.

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