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How Snapchat Discover Competes With Facebook Instant Articles and Twitter Moments

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported via Bloomberg Tech that Snapchat users are consuming 10 billion videos per day on the application, in comparison to Facebook‘s 8 billion per day. This level of usage has marketers frothing at the mouth and flocking to Snapchat’s dedicated publishing/ad platform, Discover.

47% of Millennials Utilize the Snapchat’s Discover on a Daily Basis

According to a recent survey by Variety, 47% of millennials using Snapchat consumed stories posted to Snapchat’s Discover on a daily basis.

Source: Variety

This is obviously a far cry from Snaps from friends and celebrities, but that’s to be expected. The 47% is astounding, especially when you take that percentage and apply it to the percentage of millennials within its projected 200M Monthly Active Users. That’s a lot of eyes on a brand’s content, making the Discover feature an extremely enticing prospect for publishers.

But Access to Discover Doesn’t Come Cheap (or Easily)

According to a recent report by Tim Dotan of The Information, Snapchat requires some brands with channels on Discover to pay Snapchat a guaranteed minimum amount, regardless of how their ads perform.

In addition, all media firms have to give Snapchat a cut of any Discover-generated ad revenue. And, most importantly, Snapchat is also being mindful of quality control, encouraging these brands to dedicate staff specifically to content creation for Discover.

So, we know these brands are paying a ton, investing hours, and building teams to be featured on this platform, but is it paying off? Short answer: Definitely. Long answer:

Users Are More Likely to Consume Content on Snapchat Discover

According to a recent survey from Digital Content Next, respondents reported that “they were most likely to turn to Snapchat to consume and share content, compared to Facebook Instant Articles and Twitter Moments.”

This isn’t entirely shocking; as of last August, Discover was averaging only 2.6 ads a day in total across the 12 Discover channels and 110 stories.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.18.21 PM
Source: AdAge

Digital Content Next also discovered that “users were the least likely to recognize that a third-party brand or publisher had been behind the content on Snapchat Discover.”

Looks like the quality standard that the Snapchat team is holding their Discover partners to is paying off. Brands lucky enough to be granted access to the Discover platform understand its value and are creating seamlessly integrated content to keep their audiences happy.

With Snapchat’s Discover feature, everybody wins. Users are eating it up, with seamlessly crafted stories and nearly no disruption to their daily content mix. Brands are getting tons of eyes on their content, with an insane amount of usage in what has been billed the world’s most valuable demographic. And Snapchat is sitting pretty as the keeper of the gate to one of the most valuable avenues of social media advertising.

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