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How the Forbes Top 5 Luxury Brands Perform on Instagram

unnamedAccording to McKinsey & Company, 75% of luxury shoppers carry smart phones. More than 45% of these shoppers’ luxury purchases are influenced by what they find in the digital universe. 

Add these two facts together and you’ll see that these consumers want a lot of brand interaction before they even step into a store or place an item in an online shopping cart. Instagram is an ideal delivery system for the kind of lush, aspirational experience these consumers are looking for.

With this shopping landscape in mind, it’s more interesting than ever to determine whether the financial valuations of the top luxury brands in the world according to Forbes match up with their Instagram prowess. Forbes’ rankings take into account the industry gold standard Interbrand list.

Which strategies are these brands employing to drive Instagram engagement and follower growth?

Looking at the strategies that the top five luxury brands in the world are employing can teach your brand a lot about what’s attractive to lavish lifestyle enthusiasts, and where the trends are heading.

Louis Vuitton 

Interbrand estimates Louis Vuitton’s worth to be a whopping $23.58 billion.

In the past six months, Louis Vuitton experienced 6.8 million total engagements, got up to 3.3 million followers, posted 166 times, and had a 42% relative share of engagement when compared with the other top five brands.

Winning Tactics

This was Louis Vuitton’s most popular Instagram post during the last six months.

Louis Vuitton saw a lot of success in its most engaging posts with introducing new products: 90% of its top ten posts during the last six months showed off new collections and designs. 

It should also be noted that this photograph was taken by and tagged with digital influencer and popular Instagrammer @principelayo

He shone his own light on the post and put Louis Vuitton front and center in his luxury brand-interested followers’ Instagram feeds.

@principelayo also tags Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière in his own post to keep the tagging and influencer-ception going.


Gucci’s brand value is $9.45 billion, according to Interbrand and Forbes.

During the past six months, Gucci experienced 3.4 million total engagements, got up to 2.7 million followers, posted 113 times, and had a 31% relative share of followers when compared with the other top five brands.

Winning Tactics 

This was Gucci’s most popular Instagram post during the last six months.

When in L.A., dress for the red carpet. #guccipremiere #LACMA #artandfilm

A photo posted by Gucci (@gucci) on

Why so successful? Because it immediately stands out on followers’ feeds with glimmer and glitz — an important reminder for any brand that the reaction to your Instagram content should be visceral and happen in an instant.

I’d also give some credit here to Gucci’s hashtag usage — anyone scrolling through the popular LA museum and event space LACMA’s hashtag or the more general #artandfilm gets exposure to this post.


Interbrand values Hermes at $6.18 billion. In the past six months, Hermes experienced just over 687,500K total engagements, reached 588.8K followers, posted 122 times, and had a 96.6% follower growth rate per month.

Winning Tactics 

This video was Hermes’ most popular Instagram post during the last six months.

Sensory whispers drift through our private spaces – “Temps de pluie” #hermesreveries #hermesfragrance #hermes A video posted by Hermès official account (@hermes) on

In fact, 90% of Hermes’ most engaging posts were poetic videos meant to provoke deep sensory experiences. This strategy makes a lot of sense particularly for a luxury brand which lures customers by promoting a lifestyle rather than a straightforward product.


Interbrand values Cartier at $5.5 billion.

In the past six months, Cartier experienced just over 470K total engagements, reached 406K followers, and posted 52 times.

Cartier posted less frequently than the other brands in the top five (less than half what Louis Vuitton posted), but when it did it sure hit the mark. Cartier experienced 115.7% engagement as percentage of audience and a staggering 153.3% monthly follower growth rate. This follower growth rate was the biggest of the top five.

Winning Tactics

This video was Cartier’s most popular Instagram post during the last six months.

This video did incredibly well with lovely, lilting piano music contributing to its romantic sensibility and immersive nature, as well as broad hashtag terms paired with a Cartier-specific hashtag.

Tiffany & Co. 

Interbrand values Tiffany & Co. at $5.16 billion.

In the past six months, Tiffany & Co. experienced just over 4.7 million total engagements, reached 1.8 million followers, and received the greatest engagement as percentage of followers among the top five at 265.7%. That means that its Instagram audience has an incredibly strong affinity for this brand and its content on the visual network.

Winning Tactics

This image was Tiffany’s most popular Instagram post during the last six months.

Love at first sight. #TiffanyAndCo #Tiffany A photo posted by @tiffanyandco on

Why? This Instagram post is the definition of simple: not a ton of caption text, solely brand-focused hashtags.

This tells us that it’s the image itself which won the day for this post, and that Tiffany & Co. doesn’t have to pile on the frills to rake in the comments and Likes.

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