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How The Hill Drove 79% More Twitter Engagement than Its Top Competitor

If your brand can generate 79% more in social engagement than your closest competitor with half as many followers, you know you’re doing something right.

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In one week (July 14-21), in the midst of national happenings like Donald Trump’s attention-grabbing sound bites and the confederate flag debate, policy and political news source The Hill outpaced its closest competitor, Politico, by 79% in the engagement category —  even though Politico has double the amount of Twitter followers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.17.54 AMThe Hill also won a 63% relative share of engagement on Twitter when compared to both Politico and Roll Call, another competitor in its space.

Read on to learn how, and gain valuable competitive Twitter strategy for your own brand, or watch this video for a speedy 2-minute recap.

Recycle Away

The first thing we noticed about The Hill is that they’re not afraid to recycle content. For instance,  during this time period, two of The Hill’s top Tweets by total engagement linked to the same piece of content, but used different images.

By switching up how they serve up content, The Hill is able to offer their audience a different experience with the same information. Twitter is crowded and chaotic,  so chances are that the majority of your audience didn’t catch your initial Tweet.

Also worth noting here: This recycling requires an understanding of which content is performing well in real time. You obviously don’t want to keep linking to stories that aren’t generating engagement or click-throughs, so only recycle a story if it’s got a momentum of its own.

Tweet More

We also noticed that The Hill tweets way more often than their competitors.

Some people are wary of increasing their Tweet frequency, but The Hill’s audience clearly appreciates it and rewards them with engagement.

This is an especially valuable lesson for media brands who want to remain or become the primary news source in their niche.

Experiment with Tweet cadence to find that sweet spot:  staying on your followers’ radars without overloading them and making them unfollow you.

Photos FTW

We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again: photos, photos, photos — especially for media brands.

The Hill tweeted more photos than Politico, doubling down on the most engaging content type. Make sure you integrate visuals into your social media strategy to drive monster engagement.

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