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How to Add Instagram Zoom to Your Social Strategy

Instagram now allows iPhone users (Android coming soon) to pinch photos and videos to get a closer look at them.

There’s so much you can do with this much-requested feature, I’m surprised that more brands aren’t leveraging it. Here are a few ways your brand can take advantage of this “pinch and zoom” phenomenon.

Show Off the Details

Timberland asked its followers to “pinch and zoom,” and carefully inspect the unique heel of a shoe from their autumn collection.

Use Instagram Zoom to generate interest for the unique craftsmanship and small details of your new product or collection.

Make Your Message Illegible…

…without zooming in, that is. This is what Reyka Vodka did in their post below:

This post generated more than six times the engagement of Reyka Vodka’s surrounding posts, showing that this playful, detective-like post type is an effective way to increase brand engagement and thus enhance discovery on the network.

Map It Out

Northwestern University knows that its social demographic is active on Instagram, so the famed Chicago school published an Instagram post of a campus map, taking advantage of the new #pinchandzoom functionality.

Try this on your own brand’s Instagram account, especially if you are throwing an event or running a campaign around a specific location or travel experience.

Instagram Zoom enables wide exploration of static images, so you should also consider publishing infographics or portions of infographics on Instagram now, and encourage people to explore different areas of the image with this feature.

Food Pics on Fleek

If you are a culinary-focused brand, Instagram Zoom should mean a lot to you. Refinery29 said it best on their Instagram account when the feature released in early September:

Give your followers a closer look at your food and bevs by asking them to zoom in. This could also be a fun CTA for a contest campaign: can you find _____ on the table?

Make a Puzzle

Give your loyal followers an exclusive peek at what’s to come for your brand by hiding clues in an Instagram picture.

Try it with your own brand: tease an update with a “Where’s Waldo” scene.

Read the Fine Print

Take advantage of Instagram Zoom by incorporating more text-heavy images in your Instagram strategy. This will get followers to spend more time on your posts and give them a deeper connection with your brand.

We are Sub Pop…

A post shared by Sub Pop (@subpop) on

Just make sure you don’t abuse this strategy, and that you only use it when you have something meaningful to say. Oversaturation of this technique will make followers scroll past instead of staying awhile.

How will you use Instagram Zoom in your own social strategy? Let us know, and link us to your posts on Twitter. And, if you’re ready to start measuring more than engagement, download the guide below to get started.

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