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How to Align Social Media and SEO Strategy

Are your social media efforts aligned with your SEO strategy? A successful social media campaign should have a positive impact on your search ranking as well. Moz has found that social metrics are among the most important search ranking factors, along with link quality.

But how exactly do you make use of this information? How will you ensure that your social media efforts are boosting your search ranking? Here are some useful SEO strategies you can use in your social media efforts.

1. Make the Most of Social Media Metadata

Including social media metadata in your content helps you optimize how people get a preview of your link on social media platforms. You will have to update your page code with a relevant title, description, image tag, and URL. This helps you determine how the content appears across various channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The goal is to make sure that the content looks interesting enough for people to click on, as this translates to more page visits, which is good for SEO.

How to Create a Conversion-Based Social Campaign

Here’s an example from BrightLocal’s post about consumers disliking local ads. In the screenshot below, you can see the highlighted parts showing that they have properly updated the meta title and description for the post.

CodeIn the screenshot below, you can see how it would appear on social media when the content is shared. You see how the description properly describes the content of the post, making it sound interesting for people to click on the link and read about the survey.

2. Increase Your Following

Having a high number of followers improves your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Follower Growth
This chart from Simply Measured’s Cross-Channel Social Performance Report shows one brand’s social audience growth over time.

You might be wondering how this is possible, so let’s try explaining the correlation better. When you have lots of followers, you’re sharing your content with this massive following where the chances of having your content seen are high. The more people seeing your content, the better the chance of being shared or interacted with.

Let’s say you have 1,000 authentic followers interested in your content and you share an article relevant to your niche with these 1,000 followers. Even if only 10% of those followers see your content, that’s 100 people. And let’s say 50% of those who saw the content decided to share it, so that’s 50 people sharing your content within their own circle.

On the other hand, let’s say you have 100 followers all interested in your content and you share an article with them. Even if 50% of these followers see your content, that’s only 50 people. Out of these 50 people, not everyone is going to share the content. If 80% of them decide to share it, that’s just 40 people.

Now, these are just hypothetical calculations, but you can understand how having a large following is going to improve your chances of having your content seen to a significant extent. Higher visibility means better click-through rates, which eventually result in higher search rankings.

Moreover, the top of social media search results is often bagged by pages with higher numbers of followers. In the image below, you see that the top pages turning up in the Facebook search results for “web designing” have a massive following.

Search Results

3. Make the Most of Keywords

Effectively using keywords in your posts helps you increase the visibility of these posts. This can result in more clicks and page visits. When you optimize the caption and description of your social media content using a popular keyword, there’s an increased possibility that the content will pop up when users conduct a search using the keyword. Just like you do with your page content, you’ll need to conduct thorough keyword research and find out the most relevant and highly-searched keywords you can use on certain posts.

This chart is from Simply Measured’s Cross-Channel Social Performance Report. You can use it to find out which keywords are being mentioned the most around your brand and campaigns, and then plan out future social content.

Here are the results on Twitter when you use the keyword “search engine optimization.”


You see that the search returns results of accounts relevant to the term, along with Tweets that use the term. It would also be a good idea to optimize your profile bio/description with a relevant, highly-searched keyword related to your niche. This will help improve the visibility of your account, meaning you have a better chance of growing your following.

Are Social Signals Really That Important?

You now have some useful ideas to help you align your social media efforts with SEO.

Social Network Stat Sheets: What You Need to Know

Still, you may be wondering why there’s a need for all this effort. The previously-cited Moz report shows social signals as being highly important for search ranking. If you want further proof, Quicksprout highlighted several case studies that prove the social media and search ranking correlation.

For instance, Shrushti was able to move to the first page of Google–previously, it was on page 400–with the help of social media. In the case study compilation, Quicksprout also talked about a website that received a 6.9% increase in search ranking after 70 shares and 50 likes on Facebook.

This is just some of the evidence establishing how social signals can significantly impact your SEO efforts and boost your search ranking. Got any questions about SEO and social media marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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