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How to Begin Your Monthly Social Media Report

How to Define Social Impact and Communicate Your Performance

“Everyone’s gotta serve somebody,” Bob Dylan once sang. For social marketers, this means you’ll periodically have to share your progress with your larger marketing organization, and maybe even your executive suite.

If you’re wondering which collateral to deliver to higher-ups and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This is how you begin your monthly social media report.

Pick Your Top 3

Don’t overwhelm the rest of your team with a jumble of numbers that have no meaning to them. You don’t want people’s eyes to glaze over when you present, or put your monthly email on their “Oh, I’ll read that later” list — that’s bad for your program and bad for your career.

Pinterest Channel Report
A ready-made example of three major metrics from the Simply Measured Pinterest Channel Report.

Chances are, you don’t even pay attention to more than three major metrics on a regular basis, so streamline your report. Pick three metrics you care about and you know you can show progress and business impact for (more on that below).

Show Progress

Avoid showing your chosen few metrics in isolation. Show how you’re making progress and evolving your social brand over time, and from campaign to campaign.

Pinterest Channel Over Time
This visual from the Simply Measured Pinterest Channel Report shows one brand’s daily engagement over time, both for new pins and existing pins.

This gives folks an idea of how your social program is improving over time, and also gives you an opportunity to highlight misses and explain what you’re proactively doing to fix them.

Tie to Larger Business Impact

Fact: Your social activities tie to larger business initiatives in your organization. So show this off.

For instance, say that you work for Bravo and you’re tasked with growing second-screen engagement for the “Real Housewives” franchise (um, dream job, by the way).

Engagement Labeling
Simply Measured’s Cross-Channel Label Performance Report allows you to label specific post types so you can easily track progress when running multiple campaigns simultaneously.

By filtering your engagement tracking to just show engagement on “Real Housewives” posts across your active social channels, you can directly show the impact you’re making towards this initiative. Looking at this data side-by-side with, say, increased viewership over a given month, will go a long way towards proving your value in your monthly report.

Put Your Deck Together

Now it’s time to put your winning monthly report deck together. Your deck should include four slides.

✅ Your Purpose: Your goals for the month, in the context of the marketing org’s goals 

✅ Your Value: The value you drove and results you saw

✅ Overall Progress: Putting your metrics/campaigns/month in context

✅ Next Month: List what you learned from the data and how you’re putting this knowledge to work next month

Need More Frequent Reports?

If you need to deliver social reporting more frequently than monthly, download our guide below and learn how to put together the ideal weekly social media report.

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