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How to Boost Brand Conversation on Social Media

How to Boost Content Creativity Using Social Data

Today we hosted a webinar with Pixlee, titled “How to Boost Brand Conversation on Social Media.” Lucy Hitz, our Head of Marketing Communications, was joined by Senior Marketing Manager Juliet Carnoy from Pixlee. Together, these senior strategists shared insight into how social marketers can increase engagement and discussion around their brand.

Here are the top five lessons I learned from today’s webinar.

1. Social Listening Is Invaluable

There are many benefits to actively listening to the social media whirring around your brand, your industry, and even specific products and services you offer. When you listen, you are able to:

  • Identify peak days of conversation: Days when your target audience is active on social and most engaged with conversations surrounding your brand.
  • Find relevant conversations to join: Identify key hashtags that are driving conversation specific to your brand, industry, and audience.
  • Find your brand influencers: These are the active social media users who are already speaking about your brand positively and who can extend your brand conversation to an even wider audience.
  • Create an effective social strategy: Use these key findings so that your messages reach your target audience, drive engagement, and further discussion surrounding your brand.

Lucy explained that it is important to start by identifying and engaging in conversations on a broader scale, before diving into your brand or its specific offerings.

Breaking Down the Layers of Social Listening

By identifying relevant conversations in your industry, you can leverage those conversations in your own content creation so that your content is on par with what’s trending on social. Here is how listening to general-to-specific topics can add value to your social strategy.

General Topic

Begin by listening to the broader conversations related to your industry or sector. For example, Children’s Clothing or Children’s Clothing Retailers might be a good place to start. What is your target audience talking about when it comes to children’s clothes? Where are they having those conversations? What are some related, trending topics?


Then move on to more specific conversations and listen to what people are saying about your brand. What do they like about your business? What are the products they talk about the most? Where are they sharing the most content regarding your brand?

Specific Product or Offering

Finally, look at specific brand offerings, whether it’s a back-to-school offer, a general product like graphic t-shirts, or as specific as identifying a very particular product as you monitor your audience’s conversation on social media, their interest level, and sentiment.

2. Know How Your Target Audience Uses Social Networks and Adjust Accordingly

You don’t want to risk your social content being lost in the crowded social media space simply because your content was being shared at the wrong time or through the wrong channel. Going back to the importance of social listening, you can identify user behaviors by network in order to develop social strategies that align with how and where users are engaging in key conversations.

Facebook User Behavior

3. Diversify Your Social Content

Did you know that 21% of the respondents will unfollow a brand if they find their content to be repetitive and boring? (Source: BuzzStream and Fractl)

That’s a large number of followers you risk losing if you continue to post the same kind of content day after day. Be sure that you are diversifying your content so that you are continuing to engage your audience in different ways, providing content that resonates with them, and creatively showcasing your brand.

In the webinar, Lucy shared that social marketers already know the importance of photo in their strategies, and she listed the types of photos guaranteed to boost your brand’s conversations by investing in content that speaks to the interests of your audience. For example, share content relevant to your local community that speaks to the culture of your workplace, or that provides your audience with educational content, adding value to their lives.

Diversify Your Content With Photo

4. Include User-Generated Content

Customers are more able than ever to join in on your brand’s conversations — sharing photos of themselves loving your brand’s products or live-sharing their experience within your store. Social media has developed into a space for customers to be heard, and by leveraging active social users as your brand advocates, you will get noticed more.

Juliet listed four reasons why social marketers need to prioritize user-generated content in their campaign strategies. User-generated content:

  1. Generates Brand Trust
  2. Increases Conversion
  3. Amplifies Brand Awareness
  4. Supplies Content
User-Generated Content

5. Track Content Success with Content Labeling

After you’ve listened to social media to identify your best performing content, find key influencers, and create content that aligns with the interests of your audience, you can then shift your focus to discover how your content is being shared and which conversations the content is most relevant to.  You can dive deep into your social data to track key campaigns that include some of your brand’s most-used hashtags.

Using Simply Measured Content, we explored Vitamix’s social account to determine keywords that people use when they share content related to Vitamix and their products. We can see keywords like “vegan,” “healthy,” and “recipe” being used quite a bit. We can filter out content based on these keywords to help identify our most popular posts and see which content is leading to the most engagement and creating the most conversation on social.

Vitamix Keywords

As we go through Vitamix’s most popular content, we filter out results using the #breakfast and #UGC hashtags. We can actually go in and tag each post related to these keywords using Simply Measured content labeling so that we can track the success of those specific keywords in our social campaigns.

Vitamix Instagram Breakfast Vitamix Instagram UGC

The posts showcased above tells us the total number of engagements (likes, comments, and shares) generated for Vitamix that were categorized as breakfast-related content or as user-generated content. Labeling content makes it easy for Vitamix to determine whether those campaigns are making an impact on social and whether or not the type of content is creating any buzz surrounding their brand.

The full recording of today’s webinar is included at the bottom of the page, along with the slides used during the presentation. Please feel free to comment below and tell us what you found most helpful in our webinar, or let us know other ways you’ve been able to boost your brand’s conversation on social media.


Bryan Blackburn

Bryan is the Content Marketing Manager at Simply Measured. He spoils his dog, is a fitness fanatic, and loves research and writing.

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