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How to Convert Your Social Audience into Real Leads with CTA’s

Getting customers and/or prospective customers to do what you want them to do is the ultimate marketing goal, but with the average attention span of a human being down to eight seconds, you don’t have much time.

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Marketing, converting, and generating leads is the standard practice for driving growth and increasing value, but how can you do it effectively when most people just scan content instead of absorbing it?

Hubspot’s methodology for the four stages of inbound marketing tells us that one way to solve this problem is to employ an effective call-to-action (CTA) campaign.


This encourages visitors to take the initiative by clicking buttons on your landing pages. Here are some great CTA tips to use for your own brand.

Straight to the Point

Customers should understand what value your product has by simply looking at your CTA in an ad. There are about 35 characters per description line in most pay-per-click ads, so when it comes to letting your audience know exactly what you want, you have to get creative!

If you’re promoting an application or newsletter, start your CTA with “Subscribe” or “Download.” If your company is running an e-commerce website, begin your CTA with “Buy” or “Shop.”

Shop Now Button

Short, one-word actions are simple and easy to read. If you want click-through rates, you have to be direct. There is a big difference between “Download Option is Available” and “Download Now!”

Stop Being Boring

If you want a strong response from your audience, infuse your CTA with personality and enthusiasm. Adding emotion to your CTA will help forge your brand identity, ensure consistency with larger brand messaging initiatives in your marketing organization, and enhance your chances of standing out.

Select unusual words. Instead of “See our scores,” add a sense of excitement, urgency, and action: “See how we’ve been keeping score.”

This kind of confidence draws attention to your digital content, and ultimately inspires more click- throughs.

Fear of Missing Out

One of the best CTA tactics is to mention a limited-time offer or promotion that will be gone after a specific time period. Customers hate missing out on an opportunity, especially if they know that they’ll be getting more than what they paid for or will have to pay more for the same product after the promotional time period is over.

Prompts like “20% Off Twitter Ads This Weekend!” will make it hard for customers to ignore. Just like adding personality and emotions, the FOMO tactic will have your customers clicking your CTA from simple curiosity.

The Call to the Action

What are your customers going to benefit from, once they click on your link? It might sound selfish, but customers will always think about the catch of each CTA. What’s in it for them? You need to have a unique selling point (USP) to drive more leads. 

Be very clear when stating the action and reasoning for each CTA. Remember that customers will always ask why.

Social Analytics Pro Tip: Use a unique Bitly link for each social network you’re using in your campaign so you can measure clicks and understand which network drives the most web traffic for your brand.


Once prospective customers have made it from social to your site, you don’t want your CTA to be difficult to find. Chances are, your potential customers will miss it and leave your website.

Make your buttons large, about 650 pixels wide. Once you find the perfect place to set your button, test it. The only way to know if your CTA is effective is to run A/B tests!

A great tip is to place your CTA button above the fold, where it will most likely get more clicks, or below the fold for higher-quality leads.


Make it easy and accessible for your customers to get what they want from your website, as quickly as possible. Your CTA should make customers want to click, so the design should not blend into the rest of your website. Choosing the right colors is important — make your CTA pop!

Overall, words are powerful, and learning how to use the right ones for your CTA will help attract leads and increase your conversions. So start exploring, get creative, and begin coming up with the best phrases for your call-to-action!

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Teena Thach

Teena Thach is Socedo’s social media and marketing specialist. Socedo helps sales and marketing professionals leverage social media to discover leads and build relationships more effectively.

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