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How to Determine Social’s Business Impact in One Report

CCSP_blogEarlier this week our most powerful report, the Cross Channel Social Performance report, was updated to provide you with even more insight into social’s impact on your business.

With this update, we added an entire new section to the report by incorporating Google Analytics data and showing the impact social has on web traffic.

Now you can see which social channel is most effective for driving traffic back to your website, which channel leads to the most page views, and which channel leads to the longest time on your site — all in the context of your social performance (both owned and earned) across eight different social networks.

With the new report you can:

Analyze Which Social Channels Are Driving Traffic to Your Site

cross channel social performance

Measure How Social Is Helping You Reach Your Goals

social goals

Understand How Each Social Channel Impacts Your Page Visits, Page Views, and Time On Site

social web impact

Some of the new metrics you can expect to find include:

  • Visits by Social Channel
  • Goal Completions by Social Channel
  • Average Time on Site by Social Channel
  • Page Views per Visit by Social Channel

The Cross Channel Social Performance report with business impact is available on our Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

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