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How to Fill the Gaps in Your 2017 Social Marketing Plan

At the end of 2016, you spent time summarizing your 2016 performance. Hours were spent identifying what went well and what missed the mark. You did this so that your social marketing plan for 2017 would be more effective, push the envelope, and be easier to execute.

How to Create a Monthly Social Media Report

Now you’re executing. But you know what they say about best-laid plans. Maybe you’ve been overambitious, when compared to the amount of time and resources you have. Maybe you’re having a hard time framing your results (so far) in ways the rest of your organization cares about. Maybe you started investing resources in a channel that’s not yielding the results (so far) you were looking for. So what do you do?

It’s time for a gut check. What are you missing? How can you swiftly pivot to strengthen your plan and, ultimately, results? We’ve got four ways, below.

Stop Metric Hunting

You shouldn’t have to go metric hunting from tab-to-tab to analyze and report on your profiles and those of your competitors. You’re a marketer, and this isn’t what you signed up for.

Competitive Analysis

Reporting is important, both for clarifying your priorities and how far along you are towards achieving your goals, and also for showing the rest of your organization the progress you are making in a clear, visually digestible fashion. But the time you spend hunting for metrics and building reports takes away from the time you spend:

  • Lowering return rates for audience growth, engagement, traffic, and conversion
  • Optimizing campaigns for increased returns
  • Communicating needs and validating spend to your leadership team

Invest in automation, so you can present the right data story to your stakeholders and gain access to consistent, easy analysis for your own sanity.

Start Listening

If you haven’t woven listening into your 2017 social marketing plan, now is the time to start.

Cyber Monday ListeningListening allows you to:

  • Distill your data into themes that take the guesswork out of social conversations
  • Understand the context surrounding keywords and conversations
  • Discover the content and topics that positively resonate with your audience

Each of these features helps you grow your brand awareness and improve your brand health.

This will be an especially effective gap-filler if your current campaign theme isn’t hitting the right way you want it to, and you’re looking for a new theme, tactic, or tone. Request a demo here. 

Make Conversions a Focus

What you do on social plays a role at every point in the buyer’s journey – all the way from awareness to decision. Own that power fully this year, and fill the gap between awareness and decision. 

Content share and conversion tracking are useful for leveraging public and private social sharing signals from real customers and prospects to provide you with the insights you need to increase traffic, leads, and revenue by producing and distributing content that drives conversion. This allows you to: 

  • Optimize your content production based on what consumers organically signal to be most compelling through complete understanding of how consumers share your content privately (dark social), leading to conversion and what other relevant topics your target audience talks about most.
  • Optimize your content distribution through social channels for full-funnel impact from impressions, to engagement, to visits, to conversions, based on how content performs through posts published by your owned brand social channels.
  • Learn from competitors’ content strategies by analyzing how their audiences engage with competing brand content on social, so you can target these audiences with relevant messages and compelling offers. 

Free Up More Time

Your time is valuable. You play an important role in your company’s success. Every minute you spend corralling data to build reports is mounting opportunity cost. Data should help you be a more effective marketer, not take you away from your core responsibilities. Want more time in 2017, so you can do the creative thinking that makes your business successful on social? Request a demo below. 

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