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How to Fine-Tune Your Father’s Day Social Marketing Strategy

When it comes to holiday and event marketing, there are numerous opportunities to consider. If you want your brand involved in the Father’s Day conversation or have specific products you want to draw awareness towards, you should be choosing social strategies and planning now. 

Timing is important. Finding the right strategy for your brand and placing it in front of the most fitting audience is likely to result in increased exposure, engagement, and sales.

Whether your brand is already known for father-related products or services or not, there are ways to go about using Father’s Day to your brand’s advantage. While doing so, you may even attract new kinds of audiences.

Take a look at these different strategies you can incorporate into your brand’s marketing strategy this Father’s Day. If your situation allows, try to use them all to benefit your brand to the fullest.

  1. Promote the Right Products and Services

As mentioned above, it’s not necessary for your brand to already be known as a brand for fathers specifically.

For the brands that do, they’re already at an advantage, but they shouldn’t pass up the easy wins. If your brand is one that isn’t recognized as a father’s brand, it’s time to dig deep. Look for the hidden treasures that could be geared towards fathers, even if you have to use a creative twist. After all, every individual is different, don’t be afraid to go out of the box.

You may just get more attention by doing so.

Another helpful hint is packaging. If you can’t find the right angle to take, Father’s Day packaging can do the trick. Themed-packaging has the ability to make a product feel more Father’s Day related, and it’s festive to acknowledge the holiday on the actual product. This could mean designing the package to say “Happy Father’s Day” or designing it to say something like “Dad’s Coffee.”

  1. Create Dad Bundles

Every father is different, so you should market to as many different types of fathers as you can. Using the products or services that already exist within your brand, create unique bundle gifts to recognize every demographic.

Whether they enjoy the outdoors, sports, cooking, art, or anything else, creating different themed bundles is a unique way to promote all different products the brand offers. These bundles could expose your customers to products they haven’t seen or noticed in the past, as well as showing them some great product combinations they may have not considered otherwise.

  1. Connect with Contests

Father’s Day may bring on some memories for your customers. Use these to connect with them. Contests are a sure way to do this. Whether it’s a photo contest or writing contest, they’re all ways to express appreciation for a father.

In this case, they have the chance to honor their fathers, as well as win a special prize. Before announcing the contest, there should be some kind of related hashtag created. Make sure it’s not one already being used by another brand, being that this is a popular marketing strategy.

  1. Acknowledge Customers Who Are Fathers

Acknowledging customers who are fathers can be done in several ways. Brands have the option to send Father’s Day cards and coupons, host a day of giveaways or some sort of event, and even have special deals for dads.

An example is a restaurant running a special that lets dads eat free with a party of three or more, or maybe even just free. This may depend on your brand’s resources.

  1. Send Out Reminders

Repetition is key when it comes to marketing, especially marketing that is only done for one specific date like Father’s Day. Friendly reminders ahead of time will help to make sure the holiday doesn’t go by with your brand going unnoticed.

Be creative with these reminders. Use Father’s Day-appropriate emojis. Let staff share photos, videos, and other memories of their fathers, so that the connection is going both ways. These kinds of reminders may catch more eyes than a typical plain text reminder, and are often more shareable.

Keep these pointers in mind for Father’s Day, as well as the rest of the summer holidays. Through these holidays, your brand has the ability to further connect with its audience by celebrating with them! Happy Father’s Day!

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Lyndi Catania

Lyndi Catania is on the marketing team at Huemor, a web design agency located in Farmingdale, New York.

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