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How to Improve Your Social Media Campaigns for Better Lead Generation

Is your social media marketing leading to the results you’re seeking? You could be looking for more followers or website traffic. You could have an ultimate goal of increasing sales.

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When you want to generate leads from social media, you need to create compelling campaigns. You have many ways of doing this, but these are three of the most important ones to use next time.

Research Your Ever-Changing Audience

Too often, brands take time to research their target audience and think they have final results. Even if you spend hours using research processes, including social monitoring and listening tools, you’re never finished.

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Social media audiences evolve just as fast as the platforms themselves. Statista predicts that social media audiences will increase from 2.46 billion in 2017 to around 2.77 billion in 2019. That’s a lot of new users to reach out to with your social campaigns.

New audiences will come. Other audiences will lose interest. When you continuously research the users with potential for your business, you increase your opportunities. You improve your lead generation funnel.


Here is what you need to know about your audience to successfully attract and convert that audience into leads:

Where they are located: This is especially important if you’re a local business. Know your audience’s location to understand how to reach out to them in a unique, personalized manner.

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The social platforms they use: Beyond even that, you’ll want to know where they’re actively asking questions you can answer. Find where people are expressing a need that your business can solve.


Their time zones: Similar to location, you’ll want to be aware of time zones, especially when you’re a national or international business. You’ll use this information to know when to post on each social network.

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Their preferred content type: You have images, and you have video. You have link previews, and you have text-only posts. Each social network offers a variety of ways to publish, but you don’t want to hop onto a trend or make assumptions. Don’t waste your time, money, and effort posting content your audience isn’t interested in. Instead, focus on the types that’ll get and keep their attention and interest.

Instagram analytics, Simply MeasuredGet to know your evolving audience on a regular basis. One way to learn about your audience quickly, consistently, and accurately is with real-time engagement. You might also try some of the leading research and outreach tools out there.

Here at Simply Measured, we offer social analytics and intelligence to help you discover and reach your audience at the right times. We give you the ability to track from early listening tactics to the final conversion. Contact us to learn more about this resource.

Always Include Persuasive Calls to Action

Calls to action aren’t just a few words with a link. They’re more than a traffic generator. You need to create CTAs that are effective, and here’s how.

Add relevant and interesting images that catch people’s eye in their fast-moving feed. You only have seconds to get attention on any platform, and an image can help you increase that length of time.

Offer something worth their time, which requires knowing your audience well. If you offer content that is irrelevant or annoying to your target audience, you risk losing their attention forever. Example: broad eBook offers appeal to audiences in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey…

…but offers a free trial or demo to those who have demonstrated interest in their product.

Be concise and get to the point in your copy. Nobody’s going to read a ten-line Facebook post. You may have a variety of character count limitations to work with, but you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) use every single character available. People have short attention spans, and they’ll skip over any posts that don’t engage them immediately. To grab your audience and get them to click through, your copy needs to be compelling within the first few words. Asking an interesting question can help with that task.

Only have one goal per CTA. You don’t want to confuse your audience by giving them more than one option for a next step. Include one link that drives traffic to your landing page to generate conversions on your offer. Only promote that one offer in your social copy. The simpler your posts, the more successful you’ll be at getting people to act.

Those are the basics of creating calls to action that will drive conversions. Create CTAs that are relevant and compelling to the right audience. You’ll drive website traffic that’s more likely to convert on your offer.

Incorporate SMS with Your Campaigns

You wouldn’t think this would be a sensible combination: SMS text messaging and social media marketing. However, texting and social media campaigns can work together, especially for lead generation.

First, SMS texting campaigns can be a powerful lead generation tool on their own. People are using their phones for almost everything. Mobile marketing tactics are quickly becoming the primary focus for driving engagement and lead generation. Incorporating SMS with social media can make for a powerful campaign.

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With Simply Measured Conversion Tracking, you can track dark social: your website links that people share through SMS, Slack, email, Facebook Messenger, and other private messaging channels.

People are now spending 5 hours of their day using their mobile phones. According to a comScore U.S. Mobile App Report, mobile surpassed desktop usage all the way back in 2014.

By including SMS and social media together, you expand your marketing reach and effectiveness. These are some ways to make the most of this opportunity.

Send automated replies to SMS outreach. Whenever someone sends you a text, whether to confirm or acquire something, send an immediate reply text. You can use this reply to your advantage when you tell the recipient to like, follow, or share on social media.

Use SMS along with a social media contest. On social media, promote a contest that requires users to text you a code to win the prize. Alternatively, send a text directly to people with a link to your social media contest page.

Send SMS texts to acquire social media fans and followers. Once you have the contact information, use it to build your social media presence. This, in turn, will help you build a relationship with prospects and ideally lead to more sales.

SMS and social media are a valuable pair when combined into one campaign. Take this rapid mobile usage growth and make it benefit your business.

Those are just three tactics you can implement to see more leads heading your way from social media. By incorporating each of them into your social media marketing efforts, you’re one step closer to reaching your lead generation goals.

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