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How to Increase Sales with Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram has revolutionized the way people take and share photos. And man, is it addictive. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Instagram, making it more popular than all other social media platforms. Here are some of the latest Instagram stats:

As a brand, if you integrate Instagram in your marketing campaign, you can benefit in many ways. You’ll get access to customers from across multiple channels, and be able to build massive engagement, and a loyal community that keeps coming back.   

It is astonishing to see how people are making money with Instagram. Influencers are sharing high-quality, creative promotional images to earn money by building a strong following and cultivating a community on Instagram. 

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Over the years, Instagram influencers have earned a name in their respective niches. Some have even come to be known as experts in their field, whether it’s fitness and health, fashion and lifestyle, or makeup and beauty. Instagram influencer opinions now have an impact on people’s purchase decisions and opinions, so brands and companies collaborate with them for promotion of their products and services. In return, influencers are offered monetary compensation, perks, free gifts, and special discounts.

Carys Martin, fit specialist at Intimo Lingerie, worked with Instagram influencers to increase awareness about the brand and drive in-store sales. According to a Scrunch case study, Carys worked with 36 influencers to create more than 90 pieces of content promoting the Intimo products.

They provided the influencers with at-home styling experiences and offline events so that they could understand the benefits of a personalized fitting and styling. The influencers then shared their experiences through Instagram, which resulted in increased awareness for the brand. This is influencer Barbara McKellar’s post.

With the help of the campaign, Carys managed to reach more than 200,000 consumers within the Brisbane area, which is the target location. The influencer promotions helped Carys generate new leads, which have then turned into group bookings and sales. The brand managed to generate direct revenue out of these influencer promotions.

This is an excellent example of how influencer marketing can leverage businesses and help them grow their revenue.

There are a number of ways to increase sales on Instagram. 

  • Use ad retargeting and create a shoppable Instagram gallery, allowing users to click through and shop directly
  • Use high-quality images that are theme-based or tell a story to generate higher engagement and get more time on people’s feeds 
  • Use customer- or Instagram audience-generated content as a form of social proof, and to highlight the people who support your brand and purchase your product (or would be likely to) 

But one of the most effective tactics you can employ is collaborating with influencers, asking them to review your products or feature your brand in their posts.

If you want to change the game for your online business, and generate massive revenue, here are the 5 techniques to boost sales with influencer marketing on Instagram:

1. Ask Influencers to Review and Feature Your Products in Their Posts

Have an awesome product coming to market? How will you persuade your audience that it is a must-buy? The best way is to get your product reviewed/mentioned by influencers.

Since connecting with influencers is an effective way to promote your products and get exposure, their recommendations will attract better engagement. And you know that in the ecommerce industry, influencer reviews mean a lot. A genuine and positive review can help convince users to make a buying decision, and a negative review can turn them off.

Listening Comments
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To boost sales of your products, outreach to relevant influencers who can write and post positive reviews about your products on their Instagram pages. When they talk about your products, their followers will get to know your brand, and you will have new customers in your database, with improved conversion rates.

Influencer reviews are powerful, and can bring huge traffic to your website. Whenever you launch a new product, get it reviewed by influencers.

2. Feature Influencers in Your Ads

Choose your top three influencers (which you quickly and easily identify with a listening solution, if you haven’t yet). Incorporate them in your next Instagram Ads campaign, and keep track of how these ads perform vs. ads which don’t include your influencers, such as product shots. Are you able to gain more engagement and conversions when you include influencers? Which influencers perform best for you, and how can you deepen these relationships in the future?

Pro Tip: Choose a different set of three influencers for each different target audience you have, dependent on each target audience’s interests, demographics, and behaviors.

3. Encourage Influencers to Share Posts with a Problem-Solving Focus

Make sure a certain percentage of your Instagram posts explicitly show how your products(s) can solve your audience’s problems (in a visually appealing, strong storytelling way, of course). Feature your influencers in this owned content, and encourage this type of posting from your influencers when they feature your product in their own posts.

Since influencers are already famous, and a lot of people look up to them for inspiration and advice, you can bring your products to their audience in such a way that you are not just offering a product, but also something which users are searching for.

Remember that an influencer doesn’t have to be super famous—or even have an outrageously large audience—to widen the net of reach and drive sales for your brand. Some of the most effective influencers out there have smaller but stronger, more active follower bases on Instagram due to a sense of authenticity and audience trust in their expertise.

Suppose you are dealing with health products, and you have launched a herbal supplement for weight loss. Reach out to health Instagrammers or fitness enthusiasts and ask them to write tips on how to lose weight naturally, mentioning your product. If you are a clothing brand, fashion Instagrammers will write about how-to wear a particular style of top, or tips for getting eady for a party.

Let your influencers decide on what kind of content to be posted with tips and how-tos, and ensure they are mentioning your product name, and image in their Instagram post. Once the post is seen by their followers, they will visit your site and may be interested in finding out more about your product catalog.

Sharing information in the form of how-tos and tips gets more attention than a regular piece of content or post. Users who are looking for a solution (and tend to be lower down in the funnel, AKA closer to buying), connect more with such kinds of posts.

4. Promote Discount Coupons to Customers with Influencers

Offering a discount code through your influencers will attract more engagement, and bring you increased sales.


Here, there are high chances that more people get converted, and they will further spread the word in their circle. Isn’t that a brilliant way to get a huge number of customers to your page?

The greatest example of a brand implementing Instagram influencer marketing is that of Daniel Wellington, one of the popular watch brands that chose this technique to boost promotion and sales of its watches. The brand ran an influencer marketing campaign in which they offered one free watch to every influencer, and a discount code for 10-20% off to their followers.

The best camera is the one you have with you. (Photo via @jting26) #DanielWellington

A post shared by Daniel Wellington (@danielwellington) on

It created a buzz in the market, which added new followers. Results? Millions of customers and immense popularity. As an impact of influencer marketing, Daniel Wellington reached an annual revenue worth $220 million in a span of four years.

5. Get Interviewed

This is a great example of how your web/blog efforts can integrate with your Instagram strategy. Interview your top brand’s ten influencers for your blog, then include images of each influencer on your Instagram account with a link to the Q&A which features him/her.

To Recap

These are the five tactics you can use to increase sales for your brand with influencer marketing, both through owned and influencer-controlled Instagram content:

  • It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask. Send free swag and ask Instagram influencers to review, feature, and link to your site.
  • Feature Influencers in Your Instagram Ads. And examine how they perform vs. non-influencer ad content.
  • Focus on the Problem. Make sure your influencer posts heavily focus on the problem your brand and product can solve.
  • Give a Discount. Nothing gets people to click through like a percentage off and a fresh, limited-time-only discount code.
  • Go with an Interview. Everyone likes to have their voice heard, and your influencers are no exception.

Above all, remember that you need to follow the basics while implementing influencer marketing in your Instagram strategy: pitching the right set of influencers relevant to your brand, and analyze how your competitors are harnessing the power of influencers. Pull these levers, and your sales will grow.

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Shane Barker

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant. He specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

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